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Convert text to speech online for free with our AI voice generator. Create natural AI voices instantly in any language - perfect for video creators, developers, and businesses.

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Natural Text to Speech & AI Voice Generator

Let your content go beyond text with our realistic AI voices. Generate high-quality spoken audio in any voice, style, and language. Our AI voice generator is powered by an AI model that renders human intonation and inflections with unrivaled fidelity, adjusting the delivery based on context.


Whether you're a content creator or a short story writer, our AI voice generator lets you design captivating audio experiences.

Bring fictional characters to life

Stories with emotions


Immerse your players in rich, dynamic worlds with our AI voice generator. From captivating NPC dialogue to real-time narration, our tool brings your game’s audio to the next level.

Experience the impact of AI-generated voices in gaming

Immersive gaming


Bring stories to life by converting long-form content to engaging audio. Our AI voice generator lets you create audiobooks with a natural voice and tone, making it the perfect tool for authors and publishers.

AI-voiced example of an audiobook

Every book deserves to be heard

AI Chatbots

Create a more natural and engaging experience for your users with our AI voice generator. Our tool lets you create AI chatbots with human-like voices.

Experience interactions with an AI-generated voice

AI assistants with personality

Experience Advanced AI Text to Speech

Generate lifelike speech in any language and voice with the most powerful text to speech (TTS) technology that combines advanced AI with emotive capabilities.

Text to Speech screenshot

Indistinguishable from Human Speech.

Turn text into lifelike audio across 29 languages and 120 voices. Ideal for digital creators, get high-quality TTS streaming instantly.

Precision Tuning.

Adjust voice outputs effortlessly through an intuitive interface. Opt for a blend of vocal clarity and stability, or amplify vocal stylings for more animated delivery.

Online Text Reader.

Use our deep learning-powered tool to read any text aloud, from brief emails to full PDFs, while cutting costs and time.

AI Voice Generator in 29 Languages

Our AI voice generator supports 29 languages and all diverse accents - just select the appropriate accent and enter text in your language of choice. VoiceLab allows you to create voices and use them in any language. Explore all languages & accents

Generate AI Voices with VoiceLab

Create new and unique synthetic voices in minutes using advanced Generative AI technology. Create lifelike voices to use in videos, podcasts, audiobooks, and more.

Clone Your Voice

Create a digital voice that sounds like a real human. Whether you're a content creator or a short story writer, our AI voice generator lets you design captivating audio experiences.

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Find Voices

Share the unique synthetic voices you've created with our vibrant community and discover voices crafted by others, opening a world of auditory opportunity.

Voice Library
Feature 03

Multiple languages.

Clone your voice from a recording in one language and use it to generate speech in another.

Instant Results.

Generate new voices in seconds, not hours with our state-of-the-art AI voice generator.


Find the perfect voice for any project; be it a video, audiobook, video game or blog.

Dubbing Studio

Localize videos with precise control over transcript, translation, timing, and more. Create a perfect voiceover in any language, with any voice, in minutes. Explore AI Dubbing

Transcript editing.

Manually edit the dialogue of your translated script to get the perfect audio output.

Sequence timing.

Change the speaker’s timing by clicking and dragging the clips.

Adjust voice settings.

Click on the gear icon next to a speaker’s name to open more voice options.

Add more languages.

When you’re ready to add more languages, hit the “+” icon to instantly translate your script.

Change Your Voice With Speech To Speech

Edit and fine-tune your voiceovers using Speech to Speech. Get consistent, clear results that keep the feel and nuance of your original message. Change your voice

Emotional Range

Maintain the exact emotions of your content with our diverse range of voice profiles.

Nuance Preservation

Ensure that every inflection, pause and modulation is captured and reproduced perfectly.

Consistent Quality

Use Speech to Speech to create complex audio sequences with consistent quality.

Video created byMike Russell

Long-form voice generation with Projects

Our innovative workflow for directing and editing audio, providing you with complete control over the creative process for the production of audiobooks, long-form video and web content. Learn more about Projects

Conversion of whole books.

Import in a variety of formats, including .epub, .txt, and .pdf, and convert entire books into audio.

Text-inputted pauses.

Manually adjust the length of pauses between speech segments to fine-tune pacing.

Multiple languages and voices.

Choose from a wide range of languages and voices to create the perfect audio experience.

Regenerate selected fragments

Recreate specific audio fragments if you're not satisfied with the output.

Save progress.

Save your progress and return to your project at any time.

Single click conversion.

Convert your written masterpieces into captivating audiobooks, reaching listeners on the go.

Powered by cutting-edge research

Our AI voice generator tools are built on the latest research in the field of generative AI. We are committed to advancing the state of the art in AI speech synthesis and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Frequently asked questions

How do I make my own AI voice?

To create your own AI voice at ElevenLabs, you can use VoiceLab. Voice Design allows you to customize the speaker's identityfor unique voices in your scripts, while Voice Cloning mimics real voices. This ensures variety and exclusivity in your generated voices, as they are entirely artificial and not linked to real people.

How much does using ElevenLabs AI voice generator cost?

ElevenLabs provides a range of AI voice generation plans suitable for various needs. Starting with a Free Plan, which includes 10,000 characters monthly, up to 3 custom voices, Voice Design, and speech generation in 29 languages. The Starter Plan is $5 per month, offering 30,000 characters and up to 10 custom voices. For more extensive needs, the Creator Plan at $22 per month provides 100,000 characters and up to 30 custom voices. The Pro Plan costs $99 per month with a substantial 500,000 characters and up to 160 custom voices. Larger businesses can opt for the Scale Plan at $330 per month, which includes 2,000,000 characters and up to 660 custom voices. Lastly, the Enterprise Plan offers custom pricing for tailored quotas, PVC for any voice, priority rendering, and dedicated support. Each plan is crafted to support different levels of usage and customization requirements.

Can I use ElevenLabs AI voice generator for free?

Yes, you can use ElevenLabs prime AI voice generator for free with our Free Plan. It includes 10,000 characters per month, up to 3 custom voices, Voice Design, and speech generation in 29 languages.

What is the best AI voice generator?

ElevenLabs offers the best and highest quality AI voice generator software online. Our AI voice generator uses advanced deep learning models to provide high-quality audio output, emotion mapping, and a wide range of vocal choices. It's perfect for content creators and writers looking to create captivating audio experiences.

Who should use ElevenLabs’ AI voice generator and prime voice AI services?

ElevenLabs' AI voice generator is ideal for a variety of users, including content creators on YouTube and TikTok, audiobook producers for Audible and Google Play Books, presenters using PowerPoint or Google Docs, businesses with IVR systems, and podcasters on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. These services provide a natural-sounding voice across different platforms, enhancing user engagement and accessibility.

How many languages does ElevenLabs support?

ElevenLabs supports speech synthesis in 29 languages, making your content accessible to a global audience. Supported languages include Chinese, English, Spanish, French, and many more.

What is an AI voice generator?

ElevenLabs' AI voice generator transforms text to spoken audio that sounds like a natural human voice, complete with realistic intonation and accents. It offers a wide range of voice options across various languages and dialects. Designed for ease of use, it caters to both individuals and businesses looking for customizable vocal outputs.

How do I use AI voice generators to turn text into audio?

Step 1 involves selecting a voice and adjusting settings to your liking. In Step 2, you input your text into the provided box, ensuring it's in one of the supported languages. For Step 3, you simply click 'Generate' to convert your text into audio, listen to the output, and make any necessary adjustments. After that, you can download the audio for use in your project.

What is text to speech?

Text to speech is a technology that converts written text into spoken audio. It is also known as speech synthesis or TTS. The technology has been around for decades, but recent advancements in deep learning have made it possible to generate high-quality, natural-sounding speech.

What is the best text to speech software?

ElevenLabs is the best text to speech software. We offer the most advanced AI voices, with the highest quality and most natural-sounding speech. Our platform is easy to use and offers a wide range of customization options.

How much does text to speech cost?

ElevenLabs offers a free plan which includes 10,000 characters per month. Our paid plans start at $1 for 30,000 characters per month.

Ethical AI

At Eleven, we believe that we should strive to make the most of new technologies, but not at all cost. As we develop them, we implement safeguards which minimize the risk of harmful abuse. To ensure our users and the broader community understand our principles and safeguards, we provide the following resources: