Text to Speech for Chatbots

Enhance Your AI Agent with Realistic AI Voices

Empower your conversational AI with ElevenLabs' text-to-speech technology for a more interactive and engaging user experience.

Developing AI agents that users love to interact with...

Engaging users with AI agents requires more than just text; it demands a voice that resonates.

Lack of Contextual Awareness

Typical text to speech may not convey the subtleties of tone and emotion, making interactions less dynamic.


Finding the right voice that can express a range of emotions and information is a complex challenge.

Integration Complexity

Seamlessly integrating high-quality speech into AI agents can be technically demanding.

Transform AI Interactions with ElevenLabs' Authentic Voices

Incorporate our lifelike AI voices to make your conversational agents more personable and engaging.
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Expressive Range

From excitement to empathy, our voices can convey a full spectrum of emotions, enriching conversations.

Dynamic Conversations

Our voices bring a new level of engagement, making each interaction with your AI agent feel real and immediate.

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Premium Voice for AI Agents

Premium Voices for AI Agents

Choose from the best selection of voices to give your AI agent the personality and tone that fits your brand and audience.

Rich Voice Texture

Our AI-generated voices provide a rich, textured sound that mimics human speech patterns.

Custom Emotive Expression

Craft the exact emotional tone you need for any scenario your AI may encounter.

Universal Appeal

Globalize your AI agent with multilingual support and a variety of accents.

Seamless Voice Integration for AI

Integrate realistic speech into your AI agents with ease, enhancing user interactions without the technical hassle.

API Flexibility

Our versatile API makes it simple to integrate high-quality voices into any platform.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Whether your AI is on mobile, web, or desktop, our voices will be consistent across all platforms.

Privacy Focused

We prioritize user privacy and data security in every interaction with your AI agent.

Generate relaxing ASMR whispering.
Enliven your content with energetic voices.
Generate lifelike spoken audio for your videos.

Culturally Adaptive AI Voices

Our AI voices are not just multilingual but culturally adaptive, resonating with users from different backgrounds.

Global Language Coverage

Cover a wide range of languages and dialects to serve a global user base.

Cultural Sensitivity

Ensure your AI agent's responses are culturally aware and sensitive.

Accent Authenticity

Offer authentic accents that users find familiar and trustworthy.

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AI Conversational Agent Voice Demo

Enhance AI Agents Across All Industries

From tech startups to established enterprises, our voices can revolutionize user interactions across any sector.

AI Developer

Developers can leverage our API to enhance AI agents with natural-sounding voices, adding a new dimension to user interaction.

Product Strategist

Strategists can use voice customization to align AI agents with brand identity and user expectations for a competitive edge.

UX Designer

UX designers can craft more engaging and interactive user experiences with voice-enabled AI agents.

Easily Voice-Enable Your AI with Our API

Integrate our text-to-speech technology with your AI conversational agents quickly and efficiently.

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Developer Friendly
Our API is built with developers in mind, ensuring easy implementation and customization.
High-Quality Streaming
Stream high-quality voice audio in real-time for seamless interactions.
Support and Community
Join our developer community for support and to share insights on best practices.

Leading AI platforms choose ElevenLabs for natural voice interactions


Of the Fortune 500 have employees already using ElevenLabs


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Historical uptime performance

How to Implement Text to Speech for AI Agents

Get started with voice-enabling your AI agent using our straightforward VoiceLab platform.

Choose a Voice

Select from an extensive library of voices to find the perfect match for your AI agent's personality.


Customize the Expression

Tweak emotion, pitch, and speed to tailor the voice to specific interaction contexts.


Integrate with Ease

Use our API to smoothly integrate the voice into your AI conversational agent.


Engage Your Users

Watch as your AI agent becomes more engaging, leading to increased user satisfaction and retention.

Creative is one of the greatest barriers to enabling brands to be always-on with their Connected TV advertising. ElevenLabs generative voiceover tool allows us to fast track the ad creative process by giving customers the ability to generate studio-quality voiceover in a matter of seconds.
Oliver Embry
Director of Product Innovation at MNTN

Frequently asked questions

Why are voices important for AI conversational agents?

Voices add a layer of engagement and personality to AI agents, making them more relatable and enjoyable for users.

Can I integrate ElevenLabs' voices with any AI agent?

Yes, our API is compatible with a wide range of AI platforms, allowing for flexible integration.

How do you ensure the voices sound natural?

We use state-of-the-art AI to replicate human-like intonation and emotion in our voices.

Is it possible to create a custom voice for my AI?

Absolutely, our platform supports the creation of custom voices that can reflect your brand’s unique character.

How is TTS enhancing computer interaction with AI agents?

TTS technology enables AI agents to deliver a human-like conversational experience, making interactions with machines more natural and engaging, thus elevating user engagement and efficiency.

Can TTS improve efficiency across various industries?

Absolutely. TTS-equipped AI agents are transforming industries by providing 24/7 support, instantly responding to inquiries, and alleviating the workload on human staff, from customer service to healthcare.

What role does TTS play in call automation with AI agents?

TTS is vital in modernizing call centers. AI agents with TTS can interact with callers in a human-like tone, guiding them through processes and providing information, which enhances the caller experience.

How is TTS technology influencing video game development?

TTS brings characters to life with realistic voices and dynamic dialogue, creating immersive and interactive storylines that adjust to gameplay, significantly enhancing the player's experience.

How does TTS contribute to accessibility solutions?

TTS technology is a cornerstone in accessibility, assisting those with visual impairments or reading difficulties by vocalizing web content and instructions, making digital platforms more inclusive.

In what ways is TTS beneficial for e-learning platforms?

TTS transforms e-learning by converting text into speech, making educational content more accessible and interactive, which can help to increase learning efficiency and enjoyment.

What makes ElevenLabs' AI voice API distinctive?

Our API stands out due to its superior quality, extensive multilingual support, and ultra-low latency, all designed to deliver an optimal user experience. It's equipped with a vast voice library and versatile settings for any AI agent application.

How does ElevenLabs ensure high-quality output in its API?

We provide high-fidelity audio at 128 kbps and offer an array of voice settings, including emotional expression and contextual awareness, ensuring AI agents communicate naturally and effectively.

Can I receive support during the API integration process?

Yes, you'll have access to a wealth of resources, a dedicated community of developers, and our responsive support team to assist you throughout the integration with your AI agent.

How many languages does ElevenLabs' API support for AI agents?

Our API supports voice generation in 29 languages, allowing AI agents to maintain unique voice characteristics and appeal to a global audience.

How can I optimize latency when using ElevenLabs' API with my AI agent?

Our API offers several latency optimization modes, which can be tailored to improve responsiveness and performance for AI agent interactions.

What is an AI voice API and how does it enhance AI agents?

An AI voice API enables developers to imbue AI agents with the ability to convert text to natural-sounding speech and clone voices, making interactions more human-like and engaging.

What is the best text to speech (TTS) API for AI agents?

The best TTS API for AI agents offers high-quality, lifelike voices with low latency and supports multiple languages. ElevenLabs' API fits this description, providing a rich library of voices and flexible settings for any context.

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