Customer StoriesJul 13, 2023

Luka Dončić's AI version powered by ElevenLabs voice technology

Luka Dončić is amongst the top 20 best players in the NBA for the past 50 years. In his mid-20s, Luka is not only an offensive prodigy but also one of the most recognisable basketball players in the NBA. The Slovenian player has been at the NBA for the past 4 seasons and currently plays for the Dallas Mavericks.

Being at the top of the rankings and delivering results on the basketball court is physically draining. Keeping a close relationship with fans and brands is an even larger undertaking. Nevertheless, technology has evolved fast over the past 12 months to help athletes do more with less.

Luka's 77x World production company and ElevenLabs signed a partnership to recreate Luka's voice in high quality and fully reproduce his speaking style, pacing, accent and delivery. The AI voice, dubbed Luk.AI, helps 77x World generate new types of media and entertainment experiences with brands and fans around the world. The AI voice developed by ElevenLabs is able to natively speak any language ElevenLabs supports which opens the possibilities to reach more fans globally.

An example of it is the recently unveiled campaign with Nike's Jordan brand to launch the new signature sneaker Luka2. ElevenLabs provided the AI voice while the alter ego was developed by Epic Games.

ElevenLabs' breakthrough technology offers a set of benefits for Luka and his production studio:

  • Brand engagement: Generating content for brands takes seconds instead of hours and recording studios. The content can be iterated as much as needed to get the right messages.
  • Hyper-personalised campaigns: Personalisation of marketing content to appeal to different audiences is now possible with dynamic and branching narratives.
  • Fan interaction: Interacting with fans through new forms is now possible. From chatbots to personalised messages. AI voices expand use cases for athletes and celebrities.
  • Content localisation: ElevenLabs' voice technology is multilingual by nature. This means that content can be generated across any language, current or future, that is supported while preserving Luka's unique voice likeness.

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