What is a Voice Generator?

Thanks to recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, the technology has become nearly indistinguishable from actual human speech


Have you ever wondered how you can listen to an article online when you're too tired to read, or have other tasks at hand? That's where a "voice generator" steps in. Also known as a text reader or text to speech (TTS) technology, a voice generator is a marvel of AI development that has the ability to convert written text into audible speech. This ground-breaking tool has been rapidly evolving, making it a crucial asset in various industries.

The Mechanics Behind the ElevenLabs Voice Generator

At the core of a voice generator lies a sophisticated algorithm, designed to mimic the natural patterns of human speech. It dissects written text into syllables, words, and sentences, and then assigns relevant sounds to each part. These sounds, called phonemes, are linked together to produce coherent and intelligible speech.

Thanks to recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI) by ElevenLabs, this technology has become nearly indistinguishable from actual human speech. ElevenLabs’ research teams have pioneered text-to-speech capabilities that focus on combining two novel approaches to synthesising speech ultra-realistically: context awareness and high compression. Our model is able to understand the relations between words and to adjust delivery based on context (‘contextual’ text-to-speech). So, rather than generating utterances one-by-one, which often sounds robotic, our model takes the context surrounding each one into account to produce lifelike, human-sounding speech. Our recent releases build on this quality to also make voicing any length of content possible in superb quality. 

Voice Design: Crafting Unique Synthetic Voices

One of the most significant leaps in ElevenLabs text to speech technology is "Voice Design". This feature allows the creation of entirely new synthetic voices. This AI-driven generative technology is able to create voices of different ages, genders and accents. This is a game changer in industries such as video game development and media, where different characters or narrators require distinct voices. It provides creative freedom while being a cost-efficient tool for vocal production.

Voice Cloning: An Echo of the Original Voice

Voice cloning is another remarkable advancement in TTS technology, for which we also build dedicated tools. By examining the unique features of a person’s voice, like pitch, tone, and accent, it creates a replica, almost indistinguishable from the original. This technology is incredibly useful in content creation and publishing. It allows for personalization and branding, where a specific voice can become associated with a particular type of content or an author, all while keeping production costs down by eliminating the need for continuous recording sessions.

Listen to what ElevenLabs voice cloning sounds like on an example of an entire podcast episode recorded with our technology:

Multilingual Text to Speech: Breaking Language Barriers

ElevenLabs' text to speech technology introduces an exciting feature - support for multiple languages. It turns written words into audible multilingual speech, thus widening the reach of content by ensuring global audiences can access resources in their preferred languages.

Implementations of Voice Generators

Publishing and Content Creation

In publishing and content creation, voice generators have brought a revolution in how content is delivered. E-books can be converted into audiobooks, and blog posts can be turned into podcasts with ease and at no loss to quality. This adds a new dimension to the accessibility of content, catering to a more diverse audience base.


The media industry also benefits significantly from TTS technology. Scripts for videos or presentations can be narrated on the spot without the need for actual recording. News articles can be converted into audio content, making information consumption convenient for the users.

Video Game Development

In video game development, voice generators save both time and money by allowing secondary characters to have personalities of their own without incurring additional voice talent costs. With voice design and cloning, developers can create a myriad of unique characters, each possessing distinctive voices, enhancing the overall gaming experience and adding depth to the characters.


Voice generators, powered by the latest AI advancements, have transformed the way we engage with digital content. As these technologies continue to evolve, becoming increasingly sophisticated and human-like, they are redefining norms across various industries. From publishing to video game development, the impact of these advancements is reshaping the landscape, ushering in a new era of accessibility and creative innovation. The sounds we hear from our devices are more than just noise - they are echoes of a powerful technological revolution. At ElevenLabs, we strive to be at the forefront of that revolution.

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