What is a Text Reader?

Thanks to recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, the technology has become almost indistinguishable from human speech


Are you often faced with piles of articles you're too busy to read? That's where a "text reader" comes into play. A text reader, also known as a voice generator or text to speech (TTS) technology, is an groundbreaking AI invention that converts written text into spoken words. These tools have been rapidly advancing, making them indispensable across various sectors.

How do Text Readers Work?

At the heart of a text reader is a sophisticated algorithm, engineered to imitate human speech patterns. It breaks down the written text into sentences, words, and syllables, and assigns corresponding sounds to each part. These sounds, called phonemes, are strung together to generate clear and comprehensible speech.

Thanks to recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI) at ElevenLabs, this technology has become almost identical to human speech. Our teams have led the way in text-to-speech capabilities, focusing on context awareness and high compression to achieve ultra-realistic delivery. Our model understands the connections between words and adjusts delivery based on context, creating authentic, human-like speech.

Voice Design: Crafting Unique Synthetic Voices

One of the most impactful strides in ElevenLabs' text to speech technology is "Voice Design". This feature enables the creation of entirely new synthetic voices, capable of embodying different ages, genders, and accents. This game-changing feature is particularly beneficial in fields like video game development and media, allowing the creation of diverse yet unique character voices. It presents an opportunity for boundless creativity while proving to be an efficient solution for vocal production, reducing the need for extensive recording sessions.

Voice Cloning: A Reproduction of the Original Voice

Another noteworthy achievement in text to speech technology is voice cloning, an area where we've dedicated considerable resources. It allows a text reader to replicate a specific individual's voice. By studying the unique aspects of a person's voice, such as pitch, tone, and accent, it forms a copy virtually indistinguishable from the original. This technology is incredibly beneficial in content creation and publishing, facilitating personalization and branding while minimizing the need for continuous studio sessions. At ElevenLabs, we offer two voice cloning models.

Instant Voice Cloning

Instant Voice Cloning (IVC) lets you clone voices from short speech samples, without training (fine-tuning) the model. The process is computationally less demanding but the voice is cloned with lesser fidelity.

Professional Voice Cloning

Professional Voice Cloning (PVC) involves training (fine-tuning) the model on large sets of a particular speaker’s voice. Speech generated by a trained model should be indistinguishable from the original speaker’s voice.

Listen to what ElevenLabs Professional Voice Cloning technology lets you do on a podcast example - this entire episode was recorded using voice cloning tools:

Making Content More Accessible with Multilingual Text to Speech

At ElevenLabs, we understand the power of language in communication. In our ever-globalizing world, content is consumed by a diverse, multilingual audience. To ensure our text readers effectively cater to everyone, we've integrated a multilingual text to speech feature. This functionality can convert and vocalize text in a variety of languages and dialects, breaking down language barriers and making content accessible to a wider audience. It's not just about understanding; it's about enabling people from different linguistic backgrounds to engage with content in their native language, thereby creating a more inclusive digital landscape. With ElevenLabs' text readers, no one is left out of the conversation.

The Impact of Text Readers

Publishing and Content Creation

In publishing and content creation, text readers have revolutionized content delivery. E-books can easily be transformed into audiobooks, and blog posts into podcasts, offering high-quality audio and extending the reach of the content to wider audiences.

Personal Use-Cases and Multitasking

One of the less-discussed but profoundly impactful benefits of text readers is in personal use-cases, specifically in the realm of multitasking. Imagine having a lengthy article, report, or even a multi-paged PDF that you need to consume, but you're swamped with house chores or constantly on the move. This is where text to speech comes in handy. By transforming any text into audio, text to speech allows individuals to listen while they perform other tasks. Whether you're washing the dishes, taking a morning jog, or commuting, you can seamlessly ingest information without having to sit down and read. It's a fantastic solution for those wanting to make the most of their time, leveraging moments where listening is more feasible than reading.


The media industry also significantly benefits from TTS technology. Scripts for videos or presentations can be voiced immediately, eliminating the need for time-consuming recording sessions. News articles can be converted into audio content, streamlining information consumption for the users.

Video Game Development

In video game development, text readers not only save time but also resources by allowing the creation of distinctive voices for secondary characters without incurring additional costs. With voice design and cloning, developers can craft unique characters, each with their own voice, adding depth and richness to the gaming experience.

How Do I Use ElevenLabs Text to Speech?

Ease of Access with ElevenLabs

Using ElevenLabs' Text to Speech technology is straightforward and user-friendly. First, create an account with us. And don't worry, for those just testing the waters, we offer free accounts to provide a firsthand experience without immediately committing to a paid plan. Once signed up, you'll find our speech synthesis panel exceptionally easy to navigate. Enter your desired text, hit the 'generate' button, and voila - instant audio.

Further refining the listening experience, our system comes equipped with a unique slider allowing users to toggle between variability and stability. Want the audio to sound human-like with natural intonations, including the occasional pause or stumble like "er…”? Opt for more variability. Prefer a serene, consistent readout? Slide towards stability. And the cherry on top? Our Speech Synthesis tool integrates seamlessly with other advanced technologies, such as voice cloning and voice design, ensuring a holistic experience tailored to your needs.


Text readers, backed by the latest AI advancements, have revolutionized how we interact with digital content. As these technologies continue to develop, growing increasingly nuanced and human-like, they are setting new standards across various industries. From publishing to video game development, the influence of these advancements is reshaping the field, ushering in a new era of accessibility and creative innovation. At ElevenLabs, we're proud to be at the helm of this transformation.

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