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From casting websites to equipment recommendations, the internet is full of valuable resources to help you step up your game as a voice actor. However, in our rapidly advancing digital era, it's essential to distinguish helpful and reputable voice acting websites from scammy platforms to avoid wasting your time and money.

Lucky for you, ElevenLabs has compiled a comprehensive list of the best voice actor websites for all your voice acting needs. From voice acting tips to online communities to everything in between, we've got you covered regarding the best sites on the web.

Without further ado, let's dive in!

Best websites for voice acting tips

Even the most seasoned professional voice artists in the game will not say no to a good tip or trick regarding their craft. Thankfully, the internet has many resources dedicated to voice acting tips, industry insights, and marketing advice.

If you're feeling a bit lost on your career path or need a reliable platform to consult for your voice acting necessities, the three websites below are an excellent place to start regarding the voice realm.

Voice Acting Mastery

An all-in-one online platform for aspiring voice actors, Voice Acting Mastery provides the resources, training material, and industry insights to boost your voice acting skills and learn valuable insider tips and tricks. From podcasts to articles to courses, this site is a comprehensive platform for everything voice acting-related.

Gravy for the Brain

With its memorable and unique name, Gravy for the Brain is another excellent resource for voice actors of all expertise levels - from experienced voice actors to those just starting in the industry. Similar to Voice Acting Mastery, Gravy for the Brain provides voice actors with valuable tips, industry insights, and marketing advice to empower voiceover artists and help them reach new heights in a competitive field.

Voiceover Resource Guide

A popular online resource for voice actors looking for reliable and valuable information, the Voiceover Resource Guide includes everything you need: industry updates, agent directories, casting agency information, local recording studio details, and more. A helpful platform for network expansion, Voiceover Resource Guide is a go-to website for voice actors across the web.

Best websites to find voice acting jobs

One of the most significant benefits of our digital-first era is that many opportunities are just a click away - voice over jobs included. Whether you're looking to book new gigs, get acquainted with new clients, or try out a fresh niche in the voice acting industry, these reputable sites are guaranteed to lend a helping hand.

With many prospective clients turning to online platforms for their voice talent, make sure to establish yourself as trustworthy and pleasant to work with, and you'll be booking gigs left and right in no time.


From generating a passive income by sharing your voice with the ElevenLabs voice library to comprehensive blog articles on finding online voice acting jobs, ElevenLabs has several resources available for voice over artists looking to land new gigs and make money from users incorporating their unique voices into various projects.

Voices is the largest online platform for connecting pro voice actors with prospective clients. Voice actors looking to secure new clients and level up to higher-paying gigs should definitely have a presence on this website, as it allows you to connect and collaborate with global businesses, advertisers, filmmakers, and individual entrepreneurs looking to hire professional voice over talent.

Audition for various projects by signing up for and filling in your profile with your work experience (if available), skills, and demo reels. The platform also offers additional perks like timely job postings, audition management, and reliable payment processing, making it one of the most reputable voice acting sites on the web.


Similar to, Voice123 is another reputable and helpful platform for finding potential clients, showcasing your skills and experience, and securing well-paying voice acting gigs. Moreover, to make sure your name is out there, we recommend signing up for multiple platforms to widen your reach and opportunities.

Set up your profile on Voice123, fill in your information (the more detailed, the better), and start auditions for voice acting projects and gigs. And if the clients are pleased with your work, you can quickly secure several long-term partnerships.

Best websites to start voice acting

If you're new to the voice acting game, booking big gigs with renowned agencies might be challenging due to a lack of experience. Even the most successful voice actors in the field had to start somewhere to build their resumes and make a name for themselves.

Although the websites below aren't voice-acting-specific, they are excellent freelance platforms for registering for and finding voice-over work. With many client postings to choose from, a reputable freelancing website is a great tool for building your project list, gaining confidence in your performance, and even securing long-term partnerships with prospective clients.


Arguably the most extensive online marketplace connecting clients with freelancers providing specific services, Fiverr is a vast and reputable platform for various talents, including voice over artists.

Although not explicitly tailored to voice actors, Fiverr does have a large community of voice actors offering services for projects like audiobook narration, animation voiceovers, explainer videos, and commercials.

The best part? Anyone can offer their services on Fiverr! Even if you have 0 professional experience in the voice acting industry, Fiverr is an excellent platform for booking your first gigs, meeting casting directors, adding to your work experience, and working on various projects that can turn into long-term partnerships.


Like Fiverr, Freelancer is another vast global platform for connecting skilled freelancers with clients across various industries. If you're just starting and want to gain experience and book gigs, we recommend you open accounts on several freelancing platforms instead of limiting yourself to one, and Freelancer is an excellent place to start.

Additionally, Freelancer offers valuable features like project tracking, milestone payments, and dispute resolution, ensuring you're fully compensated for your time and efforts, regardless of your experience level.


Another huge global freelancing platform, Upwork is definitely high up on the list of reputable freelancing sites. Again, although Upwork is not explicitly tailored to voice acting talent, it's still an excellent website to get your name out there and work directly with clients looking for your specific skills.

If you're looking for a freelancing platform with strict compensation regulations and a variety of valuable tools (including project management, communication, and payment processing tools), Upwork is a great place to start.

Best websites for voice acting equipment

Since most voice actors work from home, a quality home studio is paramount to your audio quality, productivity, and reputation. Whether you're ready to invest in the latest voice recording equipment or are looking for something more affordable, you'll find exactly what you need on the platforms listed below.

Voiceover Essentials

Founded by famous voice actor Harlan Hogan, Voiceover Essentials is a one-stop shop for essential and high-quality equipment for voice actors. The online store offers a variety of tools and equipment, including microphones, preamps, studio monitors, and acoustic treatments. Likewise, Voiceover Essentials also provides voice actors with actionable tips and guides on creating quality recordings that enhance their audition tapes and attract potential clients.

B&H Photo Video

A leading retailer of audio, photography, and videography equipment, B&H Photo Video is a well-known store for all entertainment industry equipment. Although not explicitly tailored to voice actors, the retailer offers a wide variety of high-quality gear for voice actors looking to set-up or renew their home studios. With a vast selection of professional-grade equipment, B&H guarantees only the best products on the market, even if they are slightly pricier.

Amazon & eBay

Last but not least, we couldn't skip past leading eCommerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay. It's no secret that you can find just about anything on these websites, and voice acting gear is no exception. With perks like prime delivery and solid refund and return policies, many creative professionals (voice actors included) prefer to make their first purchases from either.

Plus, both marketplaces are excellent for finding more affordable equipment compared to specific audio equipment stores, and the abundance of genuine customer reviews allows them to make informed choices.

Best websites to join a voice acting community

Community is essential, especially in creative professions like voice acting. Considering that the vast majority of voice acting gigs are remote, voice actors can feel like they're missing out on the "team" aspect of their job.

Thankfully, we now have the opportunity to connect with people from around the world in just a couple of seconds, allowing us to foster communities in online spaces, support each other, and provide valuable advice.

Whether you're new to voice acting or you're simply looking to make new friends in your field, you can't go wrong with these three options:

Reddit (/r/voiceacting)

A staple forum social networking site, Reddit hosts vibrant online communities called "subreddits." Each subreddit is essentially a separate forum/group where people post about different topics related to the overarching theme, give each other advice, ask questions, meet some of the best voice actors on the net, and even collaborate on projects.

Regardless if you're a beginner looking for advice or an experienced voice actor with valuable insights to share, the /r/voiceacting subreddit is a perfect online voice acting community to join for networking purposes and helpful tips.

Voice Acting Club

If you're looking for a more specific online voice acting community to join, Voice Acting Club is your best bet! An online forum and community dedicated to everything voice acting related, this great website is excellent for meeting people in your sphere of work, swapping tips and tricks, collaborating on projects, and participating in voiceover activities.

From script reading forums to casting calls and industry updates, Voice Acting Club has brought together aspiring and experienced voice actors worldwide, helping foster a tight-knit community dedicated to the craft of voiceover work.

Facebook groups

What is an online community checklist without an honorable Facebook mention?

Similar to Reddit, we don't have to emphasize that Facebook is not a voice actor networking platform. Yet the renowned social media site has many groups dedicated to all interests, professions, and communities, including voiceover work.

If you're not yet certain about joining a specific forum or site for voice acting, consider joining a few Facebook groups. Whether you become a member of a global voice acting community or a small group of local voice actors, Facebook is an excellent place to start finding your crowd.

Key Takeaways

As we stressed at the beginning of this article, voice acting is a creative and rewarding profession. However, given that voice acting jobs are often completed remotely, and per project, newbie and established voice actors frequently need a sense of community, support, and guidance.

Whether you're looking to get some expert advice on your craft, book higher-paying voice acting gigs, establish short (or long) term relationships with clients and businesses, purchase quality equipment, or join an online community, feel free to explore the essential platforms mentioned in this article (you can even bookmark this listicle for future use).

That said, good luck with your voice acting career, wherever you are on your journey.


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