What Is Uberduck?

A brief overview of Uberduck, where it's best used, and the top alternatives.

Uberduck is a text-to-speech (TTS) service that specializes in AI vocals. You can create songs and rapping simply by selecting a pre-recorded AI voice and typing in text. The AI engine transforms the text into fairly lifelike singing or rapping that you can put over the top of a backing track.

You can also generate normal speech, as with other TTS providers, but Uberduck markets itself more as the perfect tool for AI vocal creation. You can even make custom voices and clone your own, then make it sing, rap, or speak.

In this guide, we’re going to look at what Uberduck is, what features it offers, and how it stacks up against other TTS services.

What Is Uberduck?

Uberduck offers an interesting twist on TTS tech, allowing users to generate AI voices that sing, rap, or speak directly from text input. This makes it a powerful tool for creative audio projects, especially if you’re looking for AI-generated vocals.

Overview of Uberduck

  • AI Singing & Rapping: Generate dynamic vocal tracks and overlay them onto musical backing tracks.
  • Custom Voice Creation: Design personalized voices or clone existing ones for distinct audio projects.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for music, podcasts, audiobooks, and other audio content.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Makes the creation of AI vocals simple and accessible for all skill levels.

What Sets Uberduck Apart

Uberduck's AI vocal technology stands out for its focus on musical expression. Users can use pre-recorded voices enhanced by AI tech to create AI vocals or clone their own voice.

However, there are some limitations of the product, especially when it comes to generating speech rather than vocals, which will be explored in more detail below.

Uberduck Features

Variety of Voices and Languages Supported

  • 227 TTS Voices: Until July 2023, Uberduck hosted 5000+ voices, mostly to produce AI vocals. However, since several lawsuits were filed, including Universal music, many of these were removed. At the time of writing, there are 227 TTS voices, 15 AI vocal voices, and one rap voice with several backing tracks to choose from. 
  • 20+ Languages: In addition to English, there are 20+ other languages to choose from including Spanish, German, and Chinese.

User Interface and Ease of Use

  • Intuitive Layout: Clean and uncluttered interface with simple navigation for users of all skill levels.
  • Quick Voice Generation: Generate voice samples within just a few clicks, letting you try different voices and styles.
  • Customization Options: Straightforward for beginners with more advanced control over voice delivery, pitch, and tone for professional users.

Free Versus Premium Offerings

Uberduck offers the following pricing plans for users of different levels:

  • Free Plan for experimentation and non-commercial projects
    • Access core features of TTS, AI vocals, and voice generation
    • Includes a limited number of monthly render credits
  • Creator Plan ($8 per month or $96 yearly)
    • Ideal for content creators and hobbyists
    • Commercial use permitted
    • Significantly increased render credits
    • Priority processing for faster generation
    • Access to API for integration into custom applications
  • Enterprise Plan for teams requiring high level customization and support.
    • Includes all Creator Plan features, plus:
    • Custom voice cloning capabilities
    • Lowest latency (fastest processing times)
    • Dedicated support
    • Pricing is based on individual needs - contact Uberduck directly for a quote

Content Creation Applications of Uberduck

Uberduck can be used in the following ways for content creation:

  • Music Production: Generate vocal melodies, rap verses, or backing vocals.
  • Podcasting: Add diverse narration, character voices, or sound effects.
  • Video Content: Create voice overs, character dialogue, or humorous elements.
  • Gaming & Interactive Experiences: Design in-game character voices or interactive dialogue.
  • Accessibility Tools: Develop text-to-speech features for enhanced access

Evaluating Uberduck’s Effectiveness


  • Ease of Use: Many users praise Uberduck's intuitive interface and how quickly they can generate voices, even as beginners.
  • Voice Variety: The massive library of pre-made voices and community creations provides a vast range of options for different projects.
  • Creative Potential: The freedom to experiment with singing, rapping, and voice customization encourages exploration and unique audio creations.


  • Artificial Quality: Some reviews note that AI-generated voices, especially community-made ones, can still sound robotic or lack natural inflection.
  • Limitations of Free Plan: Users on the free plan can run into restrictions with monthly generation limits, leading some to upgrade.
  • Ethical Considerations: There are concerns expressed about potential misuse of voice cloning or copyright compliance, calling for user responsibility.

Uberduck Alternatives

The closest Uberduck alternative is FakeYou. FakeYou also offers a voice library catering towards singing and entertainment. It uses deep-fake technology to create voice overs of famous celebrities and characters popular in online communities. 

In terms of text-to-speech, we will compare Uberduck to the two leading TTS providers – ElevenLabs and Speechify in the section below. For a more detailed comparison of ElevenLabs Vs Speechify that includes the results of a voice quality survey click here.

Voice Quality and Naturalness

  • ElevenLabs: More than 1200 voices with natural cadence and emotional nuance, closely mirroring human speech. Ideal for projects where realistic speech is high priority.
  • Speechify: Focusing on long-form listening such as audiobooks, Speechify offers smooth and clear voices.
  • Uberduck: Focuses on musical expressiveness. While their tech is improving consistently, Uberduck voices are often said to be more artificial than other platforms.

Range of Languages and Voices Available

  • ElevenLabs: Provides a massive collection of over 1200 voices across 29 languages for versatility and global reach.
  • Speechify: Caters to diverse global users with multilingual support, covering over 20 languages and regional dialects.
  • Uberduck: Features 200+ voices that are popular in online spaces and entertainment. Currently focuses less on multilingual options compared to some other TTS services.

Pricing and Accessibility

  • ElevenLabs: Adopts a flexible model with both free and subscription-based tiers for a wide range of users.
  • Speechify: Features a similar structure, offering a free version along with premium plans that expand features.
  • Uberduck: Follows the same basic pattern, with a free plan for experimentation and paid options for deeper usage.

When to Consider Each Platform

  • ElevenLabs: Ideal for projects where voice quality and emotion are paramount.
  • Speechify: Ideal if you need ease of use, multilingual options, and voices optimized for clear long-form listening.
  • Uberduck: Shines when creativity and musicality is needed. Ideal for the generation of fictional character voices, musical vocals, or playful audio projects.

Uberduck Safety & Ethics

As with any powerful AI tool, responsible use is encouraged with Uberduck. Here are some key ethical areas to consider:

  • Voice Cloning and Deepfakes: Voice clones can potentially be misused. It's important to consider impersonation risks and act ethically, only using cloned voices with express permission.
  • Copyright Infringement: Using voices to reproduce copyrighted material (like celebrity voice overs for commercial use) may lead to legal issues. Respect copyright law and use community-made voices with a clear understanding of their sourcing.
  • Misinformation and Disinformation: Generating voices for the purpose of spreading false information or propaganda undermines technology's positive potential. 
  • Respectful Creation: Avoid generating audio that's offensive, abusive, or creates harm. Using the platform responsibly with positive or playful intent creates a safer experience for everyone.


Uberduck is a text-to-speech tool that specializes in AI vocals for music and creative audio projects. It can be used for general speech, but its strength lies in singing and rapping voices. It can also be used for adding fun characters to videos, podcasts, and games.

As with all AI technology, it should be used responsibly. There are also limitations to the technology, with a lack of realistic emotional expression being the main one.

If you’re looking for Uberduck alternatives, there are plenty out there, with ElevenLabs leading the way in terms of realism and versatility.

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