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  • NaturalReader: A solid text-to-speech (TTS) service, allowing you to listen to text, PDFs, emails and more in 200 voices+ across multiple languages.
  • Speechify: Features a user-friendly interface with AI-driven voice creation technology.
  • PlayHT: Provides a wide array of voice and language options to meet various project requirements.
  • Microsoft Azure TTS: Offers tight integration with the expansive Azure platform ecosystem.
  • Google TTS: Ensures seamless functionality within Google's comprehensive range of services.
  • OpenAI TTS: Supplies AI applications with high-quality, lifelike speech generation.
  • Amazon Polly: Delivers authentic text-to-speech outputs as part of the AWS cloud services.
  • ElevenLabs: Offers the most emotive, human-like text to speech across thousands of voices and 29 languages.

Features Comparison – NaturalReader Vs ElevenLabs

With the most voices on offer and advanced features, ElevenLabs stands out as a top NaturalReader alternative. ElevenLabs also ranks first place in terms of voice quality, as was proven in our recent quality comparison survey.

The survey involved a group of participants listening to three different audio samples from seven of the top TTS providers and ranking them out of 100 for quality, pronunciation, and intonation. For more details about the methodology of the survey click here.

NaturalReader wasn’t included in the survey. Instead, we have written up a comparison of the features and capabilities of ElevenLabs vs NaturalReader below.

Language Support and Customization

  • ElevenLabs: If you’re looking for a wide range of text-to-speech voices, then ElevenLabs delivers with more than 1200 voices covering 29 different languages. For customized voices, the VoiceLab feature is ideal, enabling you to control nuance and pitch, as well as clone voices. AI dubbing is also available for video voice overs.
  • NaturalReader: More limited, but still expansive, customization with 20 languages and 200 voices. It focuses on simple narration with a very basic interface to generate speech from text. 

User Experience and Integration

  • ElevenLabs: Access text-to-speech services through an easy-to-use web app that anyone can use. It can be used to narrate large files by uploading them easily into VoiceLab and Projects. The API makes it straightforward for developers to integrate with other apps and tools.
  • NaturalReader: Is known for its simple interface, Chrome extension, and mobile app. Non-technical users can begin generating speech from text quickly and easily. 

Ease of Use

  • ElevenLabs: It couldn’t be easier to generate speech from text with ElevenLabs. Simply visit their website and type text into the text box, then click play to hear it spoken. Switch languages and voices at the click of a button.
  • NaturalReader: Easy to use, once you have signed up for an account on their website. The interface is simple and intuitive. 

Pricing and Licensing (at the time of writing - February 2024)

  • ElevenLabs
    • Free Plan: Perfect for TTS beginners, the free plan gives users 10,000 characters (10 minutes of audio) per month. You can also create as many as three unique voices, and use basic functionality across 29 languages. The free plan requires users to credit ElevenLabs.
    • Starter Plan ($5/month, first month discounted to $1): Increased character limit to 30,000 per month and a maximum of 10 personalized voices. You also get a commercial license for personal use or small projects.
    • Creator Plan ($22/month, first discounted to $11): Up to 100,000 characters per month and up to 30 custom voices with voice cloning tech. Enhanced features to customize voices are available in the VoiceLab.
    • Independent Publisher Plan ($99/month): For authors and publishers, you get half a million characters monthly, with up to 160 custom voices and analytics dashboard.
    • Growing Business Plan ($330/month): 2 million characters monthly and up to 660 custom voices for businesses with high TTS usage needs.
    • Enterprise Plan: Custom solutions for specific needs. Flexible character counts, advanced features, and dedicated support.
  • NaturalReader
    • Free Plan: Limited character count with non-AI enhanced voices.
    • Plus Monthly (With AI Voices): For $19.00 per month, users gain access to nearly 200 human-like AI Plus voices, supporting up to 500K characters per day across more than 20 languages.
    • Premium Monthly (With Non-AI Voices): At $9.99 per month, this plan offers over 40 Non-AI Premium voices available in 8 languages, tailored for those who prefer traditional synthesized voices.

What Is NaturalReader?

NaturalReader is a TTS platform that converts written text into spoken words with both AI and non-AI powered voices. It has a generous free plan, but the voices are lower quality than other providers. Ideal for those on a budget and people with reading difficulties such as dyslexia or sight impediments.

Key Capabilities of NaturalReader

  • Wide Language and Voice Range: NaturalReader offers support for multiple languages (20+) and comes with a diverse range of natural-sounding voices.
  • Voice Customization: Users can choose from over 200 voices and adjust settings such as speed and volume to suit specific needs or preferences.
  • Cross-Platform Accessibility: With compatibility across various platforms, including online, mobile apps, and a Chrome extension, NaturalReader ensures users can listen to content on the go, at work, or at home.
  • High-Quality Audio Output: AI technology means that NaturalReader generates audio that is similar to human speech. 
  • Simple Integration: Easy integration with existing digital workflows, enabling users to convert text to speech directly within their preferred environment.
  • User-Friendly Design: NaturalReader's interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it accessible for users of all skill levels.
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for personal use, educational purposes, or professional projects. NaturalReader is a cost-effective and efficient way to create spoken content from text.

What Is ElevenLabs?

ElevenLabs has an impressive AI model that generates highly realistic voices that convey lifelike emotions. The platform produces narration that is ideal for a variety of use cases including narration, content creation, voice overs, and commercial projects.

Key Capabilities of ElevenLabs

  • 1200+ Voices and 29 languages: Ideal for users who want to create emotionally lifelike voice overs for a variety of projects.
  • VoiceLab: VoiceLab enables users to clone an existing voice or create a brand new one.
  • AI-Generated Speech Detection: ElevenLabs offers tools to detect AI-generated speech to ensure ethical use.
  • Long-Form Content Uploads: Convert long texts such as books into realistic speech, with understanding of context and flow.
  • AI Dubbing: Create high-quality AI dubbed video voice overs in multiple languages with ease. 
  • Versatile: ElevenLabs caters to a wide range of projects, from audiobooks to AI video dubbing.
  • Ethical AI Use: ElevenLabs applies strict protocols to prevent abuse, such as illegal voice cloning.


NaturalReader vs ElevenLabs – which one is best? In terms of features and voice quality, ElevenLabs wins hands down. ElevenLabs voices and AI engine generate speech that is much more lifelike and emotionally nuanced. ElevenLabs also offers voice cloning and AI dubbing, which are unavailable in NaturalReader.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can ElevenLabs and NaturalReader be integrated into existing applications or workflows?

  • ElevenLabs: Yes, you get an API to integrate ElevenLabs TTS into various apps, tools, and workflows. Whether you need it for content creation or digital media, ElevenLabs supports a wide variety of projects and use cases.
  • NaturalReader: Compatibility across different platforms, but no API. Offers an online interface, mobile app, and Chrome extension. 

How do ElevenLabs and NaturalReader handle different languages and accents?

  • ElevenLabs: With a library of more than 1200 voices across 29 languages, incorporating a deep level of emotional nuance, ElevenLabs is a top pick for projects in need of multi-lingual lifelike voices.
  • NaturalReader: Has more than 200 voices and 20 languages, making it easy to produce speech for a global audience. With AI and non-AI voices there is plenty of choice to meet any budget.

What are the pricing models for ElevenLabs and NaturalReader? Are there free trials available?

  • ElevenLabs: The free tier offers up to 10,000 characters per month. A range of paid plans are available for higher volume and extra features.
  • NaturalReader: The free version includes non-AI enhanced speech, with paid plans offering more realistic AI generated voices.

How do ElevenLabs and NaturalReader ensure the naturalness and emotional expressiveness of their voices?

  • ElevenLabs: AI generated voices that are realistic and convey lifelike human emotions making it ideal for narration and voice overs that need emotional expressiveness.
  • NaturalReader: NaturalReader uses TTS technology that includes both AI and non-AI voices. The platform offers a range of voices that attempt to mimic human speech patterns. 

What types of applications or industries commonly use ElevenLabs and NaturalReader?

  • ElevenLabs: ElevenLabs is ideal for narration, audiobooks, e-learning, entertainment, and other voice over requirements. The voices have deep emotional nuance, adding a personal touch.
  • NaturalReader: It is used most commonly in the education sector to help students with reading difficulties due to its ease of use and accessibility features.

Are there customization options available in ElevenLabs and NaturalReader for voice characteristics?

  • ElevenLabs: Includes dozens of customization features that allow you to adjust pitch, tone, and volume of voices. You can also clone voices and create new ones.
  • NaturalReader: While it may not offer as much customization as some other platforms, NaturalReader lets users adjust settings like voice speed and volume.

How do ElevenLabs and NaturalReader handle user data and privacy concerns?

  • ElevenLabs is committed to data security and privacy, see privacy policy.
  • NaturalReader protects user privacy and security. See their privacy policy on the NaturalReader website.

Can ElevenLabs and NaturalReader voices be used for commercial purposes?

  • ElevenLabs: Available for commercial use with premium plans including commercial rights without attribution.
  • NaturalReader: Allows commercial use at various pricing points. See their terms and conditions for more details.

What kind of support and resources do ElevenLabs and NaturalReader offer to their users?

  • ElevenLabs: Offers a full range of support options including full documentation, FAQs, and direct customer service.
  • NaturalReader: Gives users access to a knowledge base and online customer support.

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