The impact of AI on content creation and curation

Discover AI-powered content creation and curation tools

Content creation is no easy feat, yet AI-powered content creation and curation tools can be highly helpful for writers, animators, and artists worldwide.

  • AI has helped content creators level-up their work.
  • Such tools can help many people struggling with time management or simply those who need to free up time.
  • Moreover, AI-powered TTS tools like ElevenLabs have also played a significant role in the case of narrators' block and time concerns.

How is AI revolutionizing the content creation process?

With the internet available at our fingertips almost anywhere, content consumption is no longer a luxury but a necessity. People rely on all types of digital content to relax, learn, and engage with like-minded individuals. 

From short-form social media videos to audiobooks to renowned series on streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, tech users have very high expectations for all the media and literature they consume via mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and TV.

But prior to the AI revolution we have witnessed over the last several years, content creation was considerably more tedious, time-consuming, and often costly. Don't believe us? Just look at any YouTube video from the early 2010s, and you’ll see the level of effort and resources YouTube creators would allocate to keeping their fanbases happy (including professional editors, handwritten scripts, and aesthetic frames). 

Thankfully, artificial intelligence has allowed content creators from all industries and levels to take a breather and rely on AI-powered tools like ElevenLabs to streamline the planning and creation process across social media platforms.

In this article, we explore the impact AI has had on content creation and curation, focusing primarily on digital content. Let’s dive in!

Applications of AI in content creation and curation

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence has undergone massive advancements over the past few years. Everyone is talking about the prominence of AI across various fields, including business, education, computer science, and entertainment.

When it comes to content creation, AI tools have allowed content creators to enhance the quality of their work while simultaneously conserving time, money, and energy. 

Let’s explore some of the most common applications of AI in content creation below: 

Written content generation

With the rise of AI-powered writing assistants and generators, written content creation is now easier than ever before. AI tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, and Grammarly can assist all types of writers in their content creation, including writing long form books, shorter blog articles, professional-sounding video scripts, helpful guides, and much more.

Visual content creation

Like written content generation, AI tools like Midjourney and DALL-E are excellent at creating captivating visual content from scratch based on prompts or descriptions. These images and videos can be used for a huge variety of purposes, including graphic design, marketing, social media marketing, and animation. 

Revisions, edits, and enhancements

Revising and enhancing content drafts is essential for an acceptable final result, yet the proofreading or editing processes can be tedious and time-consuming. 

Thankfully, AI tools can successfully take off the weight of creators’ shoulders by assisting them through the revision process. While spelling and grammar checking tools like Grammarly are handy for writers, image and video enhancement tools like Canva and Synthesia are excellent choices for animators, videographers, artists, and graphic designers.

At ElevenLabs, this is made easy with the Projects tool: a fast way to streamline your content creation, even for long-form content, and work on projects in one space. Check it out:

Marketing and SEO (search engine optimization)

In addition to creative content curation, marketing specialists and SEO professionals are also finding it much easier to complete their daily tasks through the assistance of AI. 

From social media caption generation to email marketing to performance analysis (based on real-time data and insights), marketing specialists have been presented with a world of possibilities regarding productivity enhancement through artificial intelligence.

For a glimpse into what's possible, check out our partnership with Perplexity below.

Translation and transcription

Gone are the days when translations, dubs, and transcriptions needed to be created manually. With advanced AI tools, content creators can easily translate content into multiple languages, reaching wider audiences in just a few clicks.

Moreover, AI tools can also transcribe audio in real-time, allowing both creators and viewers to benefit from closed captions, dubbing, and recordings. At ElevenLabs, this comes to life in the dubbing feature, which provides crystal clear voiceovers based on the video itself in 29 languages.

It's not just the bog-standard accent for that language, either. Instead, the ElevenLabs intuitive AI language model replicates the voice using cues like gender, age, regionality, and more.

Give it a listen by checking out the demo below.

Interactive content

Content creators and entrepreneurs are aware of the extent to which eople value interactivity and personalization, and can now use AI-powered tools to set up chatbots, virtual assistants, and even augmented and virtual reality experiences for their audiences.

One cool way that this is coming to life is with AI voices, where interaction with a computer can mean engaging with an AI generated, animated face, and a human-sounding voice.

AT ElevenLabs, we're powering this step forward, with a comprehensive range of voices for any situation stored in the Voice Library. In there, you can find the British English voice of your narration dreams, or the helpful Irish accent that you've always imagined yourself with.

With AI tools like ElevenLabs powering interactive content, the sky is the limit to creativity. Imagine learning Spanish with a native Argentinian, or conversing with a fantasty character whenever you want. Now, entertainment, and social media, is being taken to a whole new level.

Audio production

Last but certainly not least, AI tools are excellent at producing music and authentic-sounding narrations. With a wide range of music production and voice generation platforms available on the web, content creators are spoiled for choice when it comes to music and audio production.

Looking to clone your voice? Ready to add some jazzy sound effects to your content? Wanting to turn a document into an audio recording, or a voice recording into another language? It's all possible now with AI.

One way that enhanced audio production is changing the game is in professional voice cloning – a medium by which a content creator's voice is "cloned" and then can be used to generate audio output that sounds exactly like themselves! It's uncannily human, and can help content creators massively increase their output and deliver higher-quality in half of the time and cost. Watch the demo below to see how.

The impact of AI-generated voices on content creation

With AI successfully touching upon so many spheres of content creation, it’s safe to say that text to speech and AI voice-generation tools like ElevenLabs are also leaving their imprint on media production.

From entire audiobook narrations to character voiceovers to script reading for faceless channels, contextual text to speech tools are becoming increasingly prevalent among many individual creators and businesses alike. 

With advanced natural-sounding text to speech and voice generation tools like ElevenLabs, users automatically gain access to a vast Voice Library, as well as multilingual voice generation options, voice cloning features, and AI dubbing.

Likewise, voice actors can upload their own voices to the Voice Lab and receive payouts whenever a user decides to use the voice for their projects (under the careful supervision of ElevenLabs mods). 

Final thoughts

That’s a wrap!

It’s safe to say that artificial intelligence has transformed and streamlined the way we produce content.

From writing assistants to image generation platforms to valuable data gathering, AI-powered tools have revolutionized the sphere of content creation, enhancing experiences for creators and audiences. 


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