How to create an AI clone

Whether it's video game development, podcasts, presentations, or audiobooks, voice cloning can generate dialogue and narration instantly

What is Voice Cloning?

Voice cloning is a revolutionary technology that empowers users to replicate a specific voice using artificial intelligence. It involves extracting the unique characteristics of a voice from audio samples, which are then used to generate a synthetic voice that closely resembles the original. Thanks to AI advancements, the output voice is incredibly lifelike, far from the monotone robotic voices we once associated with artificial speech.

The Potential of Voice Cloning

AI clones offer immense potential across various industries, notably reducing production time and costs. Whether it's video game development, podcasts, presentations, or audiobooks, voice cloning can generate dialogue and narration instantly. This eliminates the need for costly recording sessions, making the production process more efficient and budget-friendly.

Multilingual Text Generation: Breaking Language Barriers

When coupled with multilingual text generation, voice cloning can elevate its accessibility benefits to a whole new level. It enables individuals to communicate in languages they do not speak, thereby breaking language barriers and fostering global connectivity. It means your AI clone can deliver your message in any language, even if you don't speak it.

AI Clones by ElevenLabs

At ElevenLabs, we are committed to bringing you the best in text-to-speech tools. We provide two voice cloning services: Instant Voice Cloning and Professional Voice Cloning.

Our Instant Voice Cloning service allows you to clone voices from short audio samples. While this results in a slight loss in fidelity, it is an excellent option for quick and easy voice cloning.

Recently, we rolled out our Professional Voice Cloning service. This cutting-edge service enables users to create a perfect AI clone of their own voice. Whether you want to enhance your presentations with your voiceover or create a personalized digital assistant, our Professional Voice Cloning service is your answer.

Ethics in Voice Cloning

While voice cloning technology offers incredible opportunities, it also raises ethical concerns. It is crucial to clone voices responsibly, using it only for fair use or when you have explicit permission from the voice owner.

At ElevenLabs, we take this matter seriously. Our Professional Voice Cloning service includes stringent security measures that only allow you to clone your own voice. We believe in empowering individuals with voice cloning technology, without compromising the personal rights of others.


Creating an AI clone is no longer science fiction; it is the present, a reality made possible by advancements in AI. By understanding and using this technology responsibly, we can harness its benefits and usher in a new era of communication. At ElevenLabs, we are proud to be a part of this future, offering innovative tools that let you create your own AI clone.


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