ElevenLabs partners with Perplexity to launch Discover Daily

ElevenLabs tech to bring Perplexity’s content to life with daily podcasts

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We’re excited to partner with Perplexity – the fastest and most accurate way to search the web. Today, we are releasing our first collaboration: Discover Daily, a short-form daily podcast powered by ElevenLabs' voices that covers the latest headlines in innovation, science, and culture.

Discover Daily is available on all podcast platforms and listeners can now enjoy a daily selection of curated knowledge in audio form, making it easier to engage with the material on-the-go. By combining ElevenLabs' voice technology with Perplexity's powerful search and content engine, we have created a new way to stay up to speed on the latest breakthroughs. Subscribe to Discovery Daily and listen now.

About Perplexity

Perplexity is the fastest and most accurate way to search the web. With access to real-time data across the internet, Perplexity curates relevant sources (from academic research to Reddit threads) and creates answers far better than a list of sponsored and SEO-optimized links on a traditional search engine. Unlike other AI offerings, Perplexity must include in-line citations for every source it uses in the response. This means trusted answers and the ability to fact-check.

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