ElevenLabs and Futuri Partnership

A Collaboration for Innovation in Media

ElevenLabs and Futuri announce a new partnership to improve the way broadcasters and content professionals create, distribute, and consume content.

The Partnership:

The partnership will leverage ElevenLabs’ voices as part of Futuri’s Voice Choice Library™, the AI voice library used to generate speech in various unique voices and languages, for their Futuri AudioAI™ and SpotOn systems. The combined technologies are set to enhance efficiency and boost creativity in content production and distribution. Futuris AudioAI™ enables users to create unique content and reduce busywork, like voicing spec spots and multiple tags for various advertising campaigns, thereby enabling them to operate more efficiently and focus more resources on creative work.

Impacts and Benefits:

  • Enhanced Content Creation: The integration of AI voices in audience engagement software will enable the creation of more dynamic and accessible content.
  • Global Reach: Incorporating ElevenLabs’ multilingual model into Futuri’s Voice Choice Library™ will benefit thousands of broadcasters and content creators worldwide, including in the US, Canada, Germany, France, England, Switzerland, and Spain. 
  • Innovative Solutions: With Futuri’s recent accomplishment of delivering over 150,000 pieces of custom audio in just a few months, this collaboration promises to bring even more high-quality, AI-driven audio content.


Founded in 2022, ElevenLabs is an American software company, specializing in developing natural-sounding speech synthesis tools. Leveraging in-house-built deep learning models, ElevenLabs has emerged as a leader in AI audio.

Founded in 2009, Futuri provides AI solutions to expand audience reach and maximize revenue for broadcasters, publishers, and content creators worldwide. Futuri’s AI-driven software solutions encompass audience analysis, podcast management, social engagement, sales intelligence, and digital marketing, helping brands to make their content more relevant and engaging​​​​​​​​.

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