Elevating Video Content: ElevenLabs Partners with Pictory AI

Users can now add realistic AI voices to their videos

The constant quest in the digital age is for content that both informs and captivates. At ElevenLabs, we've always been focused on pushing the boundaries of what's possible with AI voice technology. Our recent alliance with Pictory AI is a testament to that commitment, elevating the video experience for creators, marketers, bloggers, and social media managers.

Pictory AI is renowned for its proprietary algorithms that transform text into video. Their advanced algorithms have already reshaped the way marketers bring narratives to life. With the integration of ElevenLabs' advanced AI voice technology, users can now add realistic AI voices to their videos, enhancing engagement and personalizing the viewer's experience.

Our shared vision primarily targets creators, marketers, bloggers, and social media managers. A significant focus of this partnership will cater to content in English and German, ensuring high-quality outputs for a broad audience. Use cases for the integration span from converting blog content into video format, translating scripts into visual content, and providing video summaries for extended video presentations.

Mati Staniszewski, CEO of ElevenLabs, says: Our alliance with Pictory AI isn't just about merging technologies. It's about reimagining how we create and consume content. Together, we're setting new standards for video content, and I couldn't be more excited about what's on the horizon.

Mati’s enthusiasm is shared by Abid Ali, Pictory.ai’s Chief Product Officer, “Access to a wider range of more realistic voices is one of our most popular requests. Partnering with ElevenLabs enables us to offer state-of-the-art voice AI technology. Our customers can now make truly human-sounding videos suitable for a wide range of business applications such as marketing, training, and internal communications.”

This partnership underscores our mutual dedication to continuous innovation, aiming to redefine and enhance content creation standards for a global audience.

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