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Character.AI revolutionized AI interactions in 2022, enabling users to have realistic conversations with AI-generated characters. Their mission is to make sci-fi dreams of open-ended computer conversations a reality, which they've achieved.

Character.AI changed the game beyond recognition in 2022, allowing users to have hyper-realistic conversations with their very own characters, all through the unbelievable power of AI.

The mission statement of this incredible AI language model says the company wants to bring the idea of a "science-fiction dream of open-ended conversations and collaborations with computers" to life. In many ways, that's exactly what they've done.

Advanced AI voice tools and AI-powered image generators can enhance the creation of digital AI characters, merging the online world with reality. Character AI has enabled users to generate fictional characters to chat with, star in their content, or use to facilitate deep narratives in many forms of media.

Character AI is very transparent about the challenges its AI platform faces and mistakes it may make, including:

  • Memory: As a conversation with an AI-generated character progresses, the chosen character may forget things you've said. The character can remember a limited amount of conversation, so it will appear to forget things if they were not mentioned recently.
  • Factuality: Characters are not bound by any laws of truth and may confidently tell you incorrect things without any rhyme or reason as to why they might believe that.
  • Consistency: Consistency across character images may change across different messages. For example, a character's size and visual appearance may alter from frame to frame.
  • Quality of Details: Some images or details within them may look oddly formed and contain unusual multitudes, such as too many fingers on hands.
  • Knowledge of Pop Culture: The current computational language models may not be aligned with the textual knowledge at their disposal via AI chatbots and may fail to produce accurate images of your character. For example, Stitch from Lilo & Stitch may be green, not blue, or look nothing like the character.

This AI language model faces many challenges and limitations, which may lead you to wonder—what are the best Character AI alternatives?

Character AI Star Rating Create your own characters? Unlimited messages?
Novel AI ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Yes, and with storytelling abilities too – very creative. Yes
Kajiwoto ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Not completely - while each bot is customizable you still talk only to Kajis. No
Chai AI ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ No - custom avatars are unavailable. Yes
Janitor AI ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Yes, but male-identifying only. No
Charstar AI ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Yes, but each use is only limited to three No
Kuki AI ⭐ ⭐ No – Kuki is one character. No

Let's dive in and explore the ins and outs of Character AI alternatives.

What is Character AI?

Befor we start to look for alternatives, let's clear up the burning question. What actually is Character AI?

Well, simply put, it's an AI chat program that can generate human-like behaviors and human interactions and participate in contextual and meaningful conversations based on user input. It feels almost alive, with characters with personalities who can hold realistic conversations via this incredible AI-powered tool. Although there are dozens of Character AI alternatives, this was the OG. Able to produce AI chatbots that feel real and allow users to create lifelike virtual characters they want to have interactions with is no mean feat, and Character AI did it first.

Character AI uses a language model to read text and respond to prompts to simulate human-like conversation mirroring realistic dialogue. Character AI is free to use, with premium options available, a feature it shares with most Character AI alternatives.

What Is Character AI Used For?

Anyone can create their character on the site, based on fictional prompts or real people, to have engaging conversations with their own personal AI companion.

From pure enjoyment to education, here are just a few of the uses of Character AI:

Learn From The Best

Character AI and its alternatives can also be beneficial to education and learning, as you can seek out advice from character conversations with an AI chatbot like Stephen Hawking, Ben Nye, or LeVar Burton and get to the bottom of your burning questions about life, the universe, and everything, and sate your thirst for knowledge.

These conversations can create immersive learning environments that can be used by teachers, tutors, and students to hone their teaching ability and supplement learning.

An article from Tricia Becker on Medium explores how she used InWorld AI and ElevenLabs to fuse custom characters with the power of AI to bring a new friend from nature to life. Check out how she used character creation to produce an elevated narrative enhancement to connect with her new friend, Groyver (who is a tree!).

The Best Character AI Alternatives

There are many Character AI alternatives out there where you can create AI-generated character interactions with human-like behaviors. Many of these AI platforms also boast advanced features as part of their computational language models, so you can make any AI characters you want based on user input.

Most Character AI platforms offer free character interactions (with many offering extra premium features, too) including ChatFAI, NovelAI, Candy AI, Chai AI, Kuki AI, Tavern AI (and Silly Tavern AI), CrushOn AI, Kajiwoto, and Charstar AI.

Each of these platforms brings something unique to the table, addressing the various needs and preferences that Character AI might not fully satisfy.

Let's take a more in-depth look at a few of these and what they offer in terms of AI technology:

1: NovelAI

NovelAI is great for creative writing, immersive storytelling, and image generation, with a user-friendly interface that takes AI-powered interactions to the next level. It generates fantasy-style art and creates stories your new AI companion can dig their teeth into. For those Dungeons & Dragons players, NovelAI is ideal to create engaging conversations between party members.


Kajiwoto is an AI platform that offers your very own personalized AI companion to create unique and compelling chat experiences. The AI characters are known as Kajis, and each AI chatbot produces distinctive responses with fully customizable appearances and behaviors. Encouraging concise and meaningful conversations, Kajiwoto has a message limit per chat, making it seem restrictive.

3.Chai AI

Chai AI uses AI characters to process human-like responses with the possibility of unrestricted chats. While custom avatars are unavailable, they compensate with advanced language processing, leading to realistic interactions. This AI platform is perfect for users to create simpler conversations without complex avatars or customization. Chai AI empowers their community of millions of people chatting and creating to experience the most entertaining chat AI possible.

4.Janitor AI

Janitor AI is a Character AI alternative that specializes in content and chatbots. This niche content allows the platform to offer unique and customized experiences for specific interests and preferences. These engaging conversations and interactions cater to users who want tailored experiences from their AI interactions via Janitor AI.

5.Charstar AI

Charstar AI emerges in the world of AI chatbots as a rising star and a captivating Character AI alternative because of its dynamic dialogues. The platform allows unrestricted conversations without filters and provides an environment for users to create AI characters that they can express themselves with. The con of Charstar AI is its limits on character creation. Users are limited to 3 characters and can only send 100 messages per day.

Realistic Interactions

For lifelike character conversations and immersive conversations powered by advanced AI technology, Kajiwoto offers a unique personality chat experience where humanistic, distinctive, and entertaining interactions are only a click away. Ultra-realistic personalities from AI-powered systems can mimic human emotions and go beyond simple scripts to provide complex human replies.

Engaging Character Interactions

Tavern AI is a good bet for engaging character dialogues, dynamic conversations, and meaningful AI chat experiences. It offers captivating character interactions that enable users to create an emotional bond with the AI characters. Character AI sets the stage for other platforms to provide an immersive experience where virtual characters will respond intelligently to different scenarios.

Intricate Plots and Innovative Story Concepts

Many Character AI alternative platforms allow you to craft character dialogues for storytelling, narrative development, and simply entertainment. When you're able to produce captivating character dialogues and synthesize unexpected plot twists, your characters come to life in a reality of your own making. If you need to deepen a narrative, try a Character AI alternative to craft character-driven dialogues, even for your conclusion character.

NovelAI can craft intricate stories in various genres and styles, while Character AI focuses on character creation. Tavern AI also has enhanced narrative weaving, enabling you to elevate storytelling through AI-generated character dialogues.

Immersive AI Dialogues

Chai AI can forge character interactions that emulate human interactions, enhancing user experience and fostering robust emotional connection through captivating conversations. CrushOn AI can understand and analyze emotional nuances within relationships, taking AI-generated character dialogues and character-based AI interactions to the next level with genuine understanding and meaningful connections that make you feel like you're interacting with a real human who has a deep understanding of the complexities of human emotion.

How ElevenLabs Comes In

ElevenLabs is the best tool for AI character voices, and creating an AI-generated voice for your chosen character can make the difference between a flat image and a living, breathing friend.

Tweak a voice to fit your character, copy and paste your Character AI alternative dialogue into the ElevenLabs Text to Speech program, and experiment to your heart's content. Choose to build a voice from scratch, use a pre-made voice, or even clone your own voice to bring your character to life.

Whatever you imagine, ElevenLabs is the voice AI tool that gives the final touch to your AI character. Plus, it's completely free to get started. Click the link below and join ElevenLabs for free today.

Character AI FAQs

What is the best Character AI alternative?

Some of the best Character AI alternative platforms include ChatFAI, NovelAI, Chai AI, Tavern AI, CrushOn AI, Kajiwoto, and Charstar AI, where you can generate engaging conversations with AI characters. While Character AI may be the original neutral language model, many have followed in its footsteps to create their own AI-powered sites and software.

Can I generate AI conversations for free?

Yes, but with some limitations. While many AI chatbots are free, they often include restrictions such as limited individual user interactions, a limited number of characters, or timers. They may also have filters, meaning you may not get the level of immersion you want. Character AI offers a service called, an opt-in subscription plan that will 'supercharge' your experience. Subscribers get to skip waiting rooms, access an exclusive support channel, and display a membership badge for $9.99 a month.

How can I create custom characters?

Depending on AI platforms, creating characters can differ. On Character AI, select 'create a character' on the homepage, then come up with their name and signature greeting. You can add a photo of your character, too, and decide if you want them to be able to generate their own images in their conversations with you. Then, you can decide on your character's privacy settings- whether or not you want them all to yourself, are happy for anyone to speak to them, or just certain people with the link.

On Character AI alternative sites, creating your characters can be more in-depth, and contextual information can be used to generate a new and interesting appearance for a brand-new character. From there, you can edit them to fit your ideal specifications.

Can AI make immersive character interactions?

AI characters can provide immersive and realistic interactions to the point where these relationships become authentic and fill a gap where social interaction in the real world may not be feasible. Characters can learn as you speak with them and create meaningful bonds that can last a lifetime

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