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Join us for an exciting 3-day online event and build applications powered by ElevenLabs voice AI models

We’re thrilled to announce the ElevenLabs AI Hackathon, in collaboration with!

From July 28th to 31st, we invite all creatives, tech enthusiasts, and forward-thinkers to join us for an exciting 3-day online event where innovation takes center stage. The goal is simple: create something wonderful. The best projects will be rewarded with prizes and showcased on our platforms!

Harness the power of generative voice AI

During the hackathon, you'll have the opportunity to build applications powered by ElevenLabs voice AI models, including Text to Speech, Voice Cloning, and Voice Design, allowing you to create ultra-realistic speech in an array of voices and languages. The power is in your hands to bring your projects to life. Create unique voices using advanced Generative AI technology or use Voice Library to explore those created by others in the community.

Combine AI models

Hackathon projects need to include ElevenLabs models in their workflow but can leverage the capabilities of other AI models, too, such as LLMs or image and video generative models. As long as these aren't in direct competition with our technology, you're free to use them to amplify your app's capabilities.

The horizon is broad and includes applications for content creation, development, publishing, accessibility, translations, and gaming, to name a few. Over the next weeks, we will share tutorials showcasing some possible use-cases together with the team!

Just a few hacking ideas:

  • Develop interactive AI companions
  • Create AI dubbing workflow for videos and films
  • Create a podcast production platform with diverse voice characters
  • Provide instant translation services, breaking language barriers in communication
  • Enhance eBooks and eReaders with realistic voice narration
  • Design assistive tools for individuals with certain disabilities
  • Amplify your content creation with a variety of voices
  • Enrich NPCs in video games with natural speech
  • Build intelligent AI Assistants/Agents for various applications
  • Give a voice to devices for seamless human-device interaction
  • Develop plugins to integrate voice features in existing applications

Community, access, and networking at the hackathon

The hackathon provides a unique opportunity to become part of an AI-focused community, learn from tech tutorials, receive mentor support, and network with like-minded individuals. You can work solo or form a team of up to six members using the platform.

We will provide free access to the ElevenLabs platform to all participants. You’ll receive a coupon code to the platform on the first day of the event.

From prototypes to pitches and rewards

The event concludes with participants submitting a working prototype and a presentation on the final day of the hackathon - July 31st.

Selected finalists will present their innovative solutions during a live stream on August 7th.

The top three teams will be rewarded with cash prizes and an opportunity for the winning team to participate in the Slingshot Early Stage Accelerator program.


  • 1st place: $3000
  • 2nd place: $1000
  • 3rd place: $1000

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