If you don’t want to use one of the pre-made voices or don’t have a voice that you want to clone, the voice designer is the perfect option. The voice designer lets you select gender, age, and accent, and will then generate a completely original voice that has never been heard before.

The quality of the voice-designed voices is just as good as the premade and cloned ones, but you might have to go through a few voices before you find one that you like. Each new voice will be different from the last, so some may sound older or darker, and some may have a thicker accent even with the same settings.

Do keep in mind that each time you press Generate to create a new voice, a small amount of characters is deducted from your account to do the initial creation. This deduction will occur every time you press the Generate button. You can see the amount of how much will be deducted at the bottom. The default amount is 128 characters, and the minimum amount you can use is 100 characters.

Currently, there is no way to use the Voice Designer for voices with accents other than American, British, African, Australian, or Indian. All of these accents work, but the best and most accurate ones are American and British. There have been some reports of the other accents not being very strong or not always carrying through, so they might require even more tries before you find something suitable.

At the time of writing, the voice designer does not yet offer languages other than English.