How to use AI for creating dynamic video narratives

Resonate with your audience and bring in more viewers

When it comes to video creation, AI tools can significantly help creators save time and money, enhance quality, and boost creativity. These benefits are especially notable regarding dynamic and engaging video narrative generation, which is intended to resonate with your audience and bring in more viewers.

  1. AI-generated video content is everywhere and for a good reason.
  2. AI video creation tools can significantly assist content creators, including seasoned video producers, social media managers, and individual creators.
  3. One aspect AI tools excel in is narrative generation.

What are AI-generated videos?

The rise of faceless channels has clearly demonstrated that AI video generator tools are becoming increasingly popular among video creators.

From time and money-saving opportunities to producing engaging AI video narratives, AI video generator tools have transformed the sphere of video creation. With advanced AI video generator tools now available to the general public, anyone can create a faceless channel, upload captivating videos, and even make a substantial income.

So, what constitutes an AI-generated video?

Usually, we refer to AI-generated videos as those primarily generated through AI video creation tools. This includes the narration or voiceover, sequence, visuals (photos or stock footage), and outline.

Video creators can now provide one or two prompts and have an AI video generator create videos for them in minutes. However, higher-quality videos certainly require detailed prompts and revisions.

AI-generated videos vs. creating video content from scratch

There's a reason AI video generation tools have become so popular in the current digital space - they're excellent tools for quick and cost-effective video creation!

That being said, not all video creators are on board with this new trend since some AI-generated videos often lack the human element that makes visual content more authentic.

Let's explore the pros and cons of using artificial intelligence to create videos in more detail.

AI video generation pros

Efficiency and speed

AI video generation tools allow you to quickly transform ideas into video content. From engaging narratives and voiceovers to smooth transitions to background music to many other elements, an AI video generator can be a helpful companion for those who need to adhere to tight deadlines and pump out video content.

Better quality

Whether you're looking to generate explainer videos for your product, engaging short-form videos for a specific social media platform, or an impressive video for a school or university assignment, AI video generation tools will come in handy.

Advanced AI models offer a level of quality that humans can't always guarantee, especially if you're not a professional video creator.

Creativity enhancement

Instead of spending endless hours brainstorming and translating your ideas into visual content, AI video generators can help you achieve the same level of creativity and uniqueness with just a few detailed prompts.

Advanced AI video creation platforms are suitable for many video types. They are excellent at transforming text to video and turning ideas into engaging videos guaranteed to impress your audience.

Take a look at the below example from the ElevenLabs community: a animation completely generated and voiced by AI.

Multilingual content

But it isn't just in speed and efficiency that AI is changing the game. New AI video narration tools are opening up content to be more accessible for people across the planet, offering huge ranges of translated and dubbed content in multiple languages.

From watching your favorite Friends re-runs in your native Polish, to enjoying incredible YouTube content in your native Arabic, AI tools open up the world of video to content creators and audiences alike.

Increase your audience by offering a Spanish language channel. Dub your school project for a awesome language learning experience. Include diverse characters in your next AI-generated movie. It's all possible with AI.

AI video generation cons

Lack of authenticity

Although AI tools can help you produce better-quality videos in less time, some AI videos may come across as robotic or inauthentic, especially if paired with a robot voice narration (more on that below). This is why it's important to include detailed prompts and natural voices when using artificial intelligence to generate video content.

Plagiarism issues

While some AI video generators excel at producing unique content, others rely too heavily on existing content to create videos. When choosing AI video generation tools, it's essential to check out reviews and see if other users have mentioned copyright infringement or plagiarism.

How to use AI to generate compelling video narratives

A storyline or narrative is paramount to most videos, yet it's often the trickiest aspect to secure. Thankfully, there are many ways you can use AI tools to generate videos and save valuable time in the process, and one of these applications is narrative generation.

With many options and tactics to choose from, let's elaborate on some of the most helpful ways.

Use AI video generators to create entire videos

If you're short on time and need a helping hand pumping out video content, reliable AI video generators are your best bet!

Simply enter your prompt or storyboard, and the video generator will create your content for you, including your narration and visuals.

However, make sure to review all aspects of your video before hitting "download" or "publish" to ensure that the result aligns with your vision. Change narrator voices, add or remove stock footage, switch images around, edit the initial script - whatever changes you need to make to enhance the quality of your video.

Are you stuck on a choice? Consider trying the following tried-and-tested AI video generators: Synthesia, Pictory, InVideo, Colossyan Inc., Runway, and Canva.

Incorporate TTS (text-to-speech) and voice-generation tools

If you have more time on your hands to edit videos manually, or you're not satisfied with the voiceover options offered by your chosen AI video generation tool, advanced AI-powered text-to-speech tools like ElevenLabs can transform your narration quality.

Whether you need to create a natural-sounding and expressive narration for a pre-recorded video, dub an existing video into a different language, or even clone your own voice to generate voiceovers for your visual content, ElevenLabs can help you achieve all of this in just a few minutes.

Create an account with ElevenLabs or sign in via Google and navigate to Voice Lab. After that, upload your script (or any other text), select a narrator or create a new voice, and press "Generate." Download the voiceover and match it to your video, and voila! You have a dynamic narrative to pair with your video.

Check it out here:

Final thoughts

Whether you're a seasoned video content creator or a social media manager, don't hesitate to incorporate AI video generation tools into your video creation process. Not only can these tools help you save precious time and money, but they can also generate compelling AI video narratives that resonate with your audience.

From increasing your audience across international waters, to offering incredible sound effects and animation at a fraction of the time and cost of creating human-generated content, AI tools like ElevenLabs are bringing an entirely new twist to video generation.

Try ElevenLabs for yourself below and see where your creativity will lead you.


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