Projects: Text to Speech Editor for Websites and Audiobooks

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Generate, edit, and customize long-form spoken audio with precision, all within a streamlined workflow.
The Picture of Dorian Gray
The Picture of Dorian GrayWritten by Oscar WildeNarrated by AI Voice: Michael
GodaanWritten by Munshi PremchandNarrated by AI Voice: Mimi
Alice im Wunderland
Alice im WunderlandWritten by Lewis CarrolNarrated by AI Voice: Glinda
Little Women
Little WomenWritten by Louise May AlcottNarrated by AI Voice: Charlotte
Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the PoohWritten by A.A. MilnieNarrated by AI Voice: Mimi
Bring fictional characters to life

Incredible content

Create countless high-quality, lifelike AI characters instantly. New characters stats

True voice acting

Complete immersion

Fine-tune pronunciation for maximum production value. AI Voices for Videos stats

Ultimate entertainment

Stories with Emotions

Generate speech in a wide range of emotions and styles. Real emotions stats

How to create an audiobook

Simple steps to spectacular outputs. Projects is designed to be a powerful, yet intuitive, audio editor that enables you to create long-form spoken audio with ease.


Go to Projects

Select 'Projects' from the menu.


Create new project

Depending on your source material, you can initialize your project from a URL or opt for direct imports such as .epub, .txt, or .pdf files.


Craft Your Narrative

Assign different text fragments to specific speakers and set default voices for headings, paragraphs, or entire sections. Adjust the Stability, Clarity, and Enhancement settings to achieve the desired voice output. You can also select from a wide range of voices, with support for 29 languages and 90+ voices.



Correct or adjust specific segments within larger audio sections, while ensuring the context remains intact. Fine-tune pacing by manually adjusting the length of pauses between speech segments. Divide your project into chapters or sections for focused editing and playback.



Export your project as an audio file with a single click. You can also save your progress and return to your project at any time.

“For us, quality always comes first. Despite the clear benefits of digital narration, we were not willing to embrace the new technology until a company came along with a narration of groundbreaking quality, one that could match a natural human voice. In 11Labs' new product, we have found this quality. It is astonishing, and something to be celebrated.”
Mr. Lukeman testimonial
Noah Lukeman
President & Founder of Lukeman Literary

Supercharge your workflow with Projects

Explore the features that make Projects the ideal tool for your audio production needs.

Conversion of whole books

Import in a variety of formats, including .epub, .txt, and .pdf, and convert entire books into audio.
Feature 01

Text-inputted pauses

Manually adjust the length of pauses between speech segments to fine-tune pacing.
Feature 02

Multiple voices and languages

Choose from a wide range of voices, with support for 29 languages and 90+ voices.
Feature 03

Single click conversion

Convert your written masterpieces into captivating audiobooks, reaching listeners on the go.

Regenerate selected fragments

Recreate specific audio fragments if you're not satisfied with the output.

Save progress

Save your progress and return to your project at any time.

Better. Faster. Cheaper.

Generate long-form audio with ease, without compromising on quality. Publishers around the world trust Projects to deliver the best results.
“To be able to instantly design and generate amazingly realistic voices, combined with our existing ability to mix, assemble, and deliver a radio station with maximum quality and scale, opens the door to use cases that will delight listeners like never before.”
Mr. Zalon testimonial
Zack Zalon CEO of Super Hi-Fi
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Audiobooks in 29 Languages

Projects supports 29 languages, thanks to seamless integration with Eleven Multilingual v2. And it's not just about quantity - it's about precision.

Linguistic range.

Projects supports 29 distinct languages, enhancing the range and adaptability of your audio content.

Smart generation.

Configure your issues lists and create custom views.

Consistent Identity.

Every voice retains its distinct characteristics across languages. This includes maintaining its native accent, giving you the flexibility to select the most fitting voice for any narrative or character.

Projects screenshots

Text to Speech in 29 Languages

Use Cases for Long-Form Text to Speech

Discover the array of applications you can use Projects for.

Crafting Audio Narratives

Transform written stories into captivating audio experiences, bringing characters and narratives to life.

Diverse Input, Unified Output

Projects supports a wide range of input formats, including .epub, .txt, and .pdf, and converts them into a unified output format. Create long-form audio for ebooks, articles, and more.


Initialize your project directly from a link.


Launch your project using popular eBook formats.


Utilize simple text files for a straightforward start to your audio project.


Incorporate widely-used document types directly into your project.

Unlock a World of Audio Potential

A synthesis of research, user needs, and cutting-edge technology. Projects is a powerful, yet intuitive, audio editor that enables you to create long-form spoken audio with ease.

Long-Form Generation

Voice entire audiobooks, dialogue segments, and news articles swiftly and stably without the hassle. Projects speeds up the process, ensuring you produce more in less time.

Advanced Editing Features

Gain unprecedented control over your audio creations with the ability to regenerate specific audio fragments, assign different voices to particular text segments, directly import files from multiple formats, and more.

Integrated Ecosystem

Don't limit yourself to one tool. Projects is fully compatible with Professional Voice Cloning, Voice Library, and Eleven Multilingual v2, allowing you to leverage an entire suite of tools for optimal audio production.

Frequently asked questions

What is Projects designed for?

Projects is an end-to-end workflow feature tailored for crafting audiobooks and other long-form audio content with ease and precision.

Which file types can I upload to Projects?

You can upload e-pub, PDF, TXT, files, as well as initialize a project from a URL.

Does Projects support multilingual audio generation?

Absolutely! Projects is fully integrated with our multilingual model, allowing the generation of audiobooks in up to 29 languages. Moreover, it automatically recognizes and accurately voices mixed-language text.

Can I assign specific voices to certain parts of my text in Projects?

Yes, Projects provides the flexibility to assign different speakers to specific text fragments, enhancing the variety and authenticity of narratives.

If I make an error, can I edit a specific section without restarting the entire process?

Of course! Projects lets you seamlessly regenerate parts of audio without affecting flow or intonation, ensuring a coherent audio experience.

Can I save my progress and continue at a later time?

Definitely. Projects allows you to save your progress at any stage, so you can pick up right where you left off whenever you're ready.

How does Projects integrate with other tools from your ecosystem?

Projects has been designed to work seamlessly with our range of tools, including Voice Library, Eleven Multilingual, and Professional Voice Cloning. This ensures a versatile and comprehensive audio creation experience.

Can I convert a full book into audio with a single click in Projects?

Yes, regardless of the length of your text, Projects offers a one-click conversion feature, allowing you to transform the entire content into audio effortlessly.

What are some primary use-cases for Projects?

Projects is versatile and can be used for various audio needs including, but not limited to, Audiobooks, Research Papers, Podcasts, Guides etc.

How does Projects maintain voice consistency across different languages?

Thanks to its integration with Eleven Multilingual, all voices in Projects retain their unique characteristics across languages. This includes maintaining original accents, ensuring your content sounds authentic and engaging in every language.

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