• Free

    For individuals who want to try out the most advanced AI audio


    10k Characters/mo

    (~10 mins audio)

    What’s included

    • Generate speech in 29 languages using thousands of unique voices
    • Translate content with automatic dubbing
    • Create custom, synthetic voices
    • Generate sound effects
    • API access
  • Starter

    For hobbyists creating projects with AI audio


    30k Characters/mo

    (~30 mins audio)

    Everything in free, plus

    • Clone your voice with as little as 1 minute of audio
    • Access to the Dubbing Studio for more control over translation & timing
    • License to use ElevenLabs for commercial use
  • Most popular


    For creators making premium content for global audiences

    first month 50% OFF



    100k Characters/mo

    (~120 mins audio)

    Everything in Starter, plus

    • Professional voice cloning to create the most realistic digital replica of your voice
    • Projects to create long form content with multiple speakers
    • Audio Native to add narration to your website and blogs
    • Higher quality audio - 192 kbps
  • Pro

    For creators and teams ramping up their content production


    500k Characters/mo

    (~600 mins audio)

    Everything in Creator, plus

    • Higher quality audio via Projects - 192 kbps
    • 44.1 kHz PCM audio output via API
    • Usage analytics dashboard
  • Scale

    For growing publishers and companies with higher discounts


    2M Characters/mo

    (~2400 mins audio)

    Everything in Pro, plus

    • Priority support


For organizations that require a custom plan tailored to their needs.
Contact us for an enterprise plan if you want volume based discounts, enterprise-level SLAs, dedicated support, priority access to features, or need custom data and team management controls.
  • API access to everything
  • Custom terms & assurance around DPA/SLAs
  • Security questionnaires
  • Custom SSO
  • More voices & more monthly voice operations
  • Unlimited concurrency
  • Scalable pricing with volume based discounts
  • ElevenStudios fully managed dubbing service
Actual price may vary based on the exchange rate between USD and local currency at the time of payment processing or invoicing. Prices exclude all taxes, levies and duties.

Compare our plans and find the right fit


Monthly character limit

Additional characters

Custom voices

(~10 mins audio)

3 Voices

Quality and formats

Audio quality

API formats

128 kbps, 44.1kHz

16kHz PCM, uLaw


Text to speech

Speech to speech

Text to sound effects

Automatic dubbing

Synthetic voice design

Voice isolator

Instant voice cloning

Professional voice cloning


Dubbing Studio


Audio Native

Licensing and analytics

Commercial licence

No attribution requirement

Usage analytics


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