Turn your voice into passive income.

Share your voice in the Voice Library today and earn cash rewards when it's used.

Step 1: Create your professional clone

Do your voice justice – our professional voice clones ensure your AI voice sounds exactly like the real thing.
Voices from voice library
Voices from voice library
Voices from voice library

Step 2: Share your voice in the Voice Library

Sharing your voice in the Voice Library makes it available to our growing community.

Step 3: Earn rewards

Choose cash rewards or character credits to earn when your voice is used.
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Why share your voice?

The Voice Library gives you the unparalleled reach, control, and earnings potential for your AI voice.
Make passive income
When you share your voice in the Voice Library, you can earn cash rewards every time it's used – even while you're sleeping!
Choose your rates
You decide how much you earn for usage of your voice. Choose between our standard royalty program or set a custom rate in $/1,000 characters.
Build your brand
Add your name to your voice card or connect your social to let our community know who you are. The more the community uses your voice, the higher it will rank.
Claim your niche
Advanced filters and metadata let you highlight what your voice is great for and claim your spot as the best voice for a specific language, accent, or use case.
Track your earnings
Our analytics refresh daily to let you keep track of how much your voice is used and how much you're earning.
Take control
We make you verify that your voice is actually is yours and let you add optional protection like content moderation.

Licensing Deals for Voice Actors

Are you a professional voice actor? We offer multiple ways of working together.

Voice Library

Share your professional voice clone in the Voice Library.

  • Completely self-serve, only 30 minutes of audio needed
  • Standard or custom rates for rewards – you decide
  • Special badge for professional clones in the Voice Library

Licensing Deals

Work with us to create an ultra-high-quality ElevenLabs Default Voice.

  • White glove licensing deals from 1 to 11 years
  • Guaranteed earnings from up-front fees
  • 3-11 hours of studio recording together with us to create the most realistic AI voice possible
  • Elevated branding with an exclusive ElevenLabs badge
  • Voice appears in default list of voices for all users

Payouts FAQs

I'm a Voice Actor. How can I work with ElevenLabs?

We work with Voice Actors in 2 primary ways: (i) the Voice Library, where Voice Actors can share their professional voice clones with the ElevenLabs community and earn rewards in a completely self-serve way; and (ii) licensing deals, where we work with Voice Actors to create ultra-high-quality ElevenLabs Default Voices.

Why should I share my voice in the Voice Library?

Sharing your voice in the Voice Library lets you earn rewards every time it's used. Keep using your real voice in your everyday work, and let your AI voice generate passive income!

How much can I earn by sharing my AI voice?

You decide how much you can earn for usage of your AI voice. Our default rates depend on how long you commit to sharing the voice on our platform. Custom rates allow you to set your price in $/1,000 characters.

How do you process payments?

We use Stripe Connect to process payments. You'll need to configure your account before you can earn financial rewards.

Can someone else share my voice?

No! Only you can make a professional clone of your voice and share it in the Voice Library thanks to our voice captcha technology

How do I share my voice in the Voice Library?

With ElevenLabs, it's simple. Sign up, create your professional voice clone, share it, and start earning rewards!

Is ElevenLabs interested in a licensing deal for my voice?

We are always interested in licensing outstanding voices and making them available to our users. If you're interested in learning more, please reach out to us using the link above.

Do you offer any controls for how my voice can be used?

Yes. We allow you to add extra protection like live moderation, which controls what categories of content your voice can be used for.