Customer StoriesFeb 15, 2024

Vocode partners with ElevenLabs to Automate phone calls with AI

Vocode, an AI Call Center, helps companies automate inbound and outbound phone calls with hyper realistic AI. They use ElevenLabs Turbo Text to Speech (TTS) model to provide unparalleled human-like voices for their agents.

For Conversational AI, latency can make-or-break user experience. Vocode’s recent data shows big performance gains from our model, with a median latency of just 339.15 milliseconds.

Their research also shows that users prefer our Adam voice over robotic alternatives (57% vs. 43%). Adam's interaction time averages 86.12 seconds per call, against 70.7 seconds for robotic voices (Azure TTS), indicating a stronger engagement with the more natural-sounding TTS, and potentially adding millions in revenues for large customers over time.

These figures reflect our partnership's impact on user interaction with TTS technology, in general. With thousands of calls logged on the landing page, it's clear that users value the natural and efficient TTS solutions we're delivering together.

With input streaming, Vocode no longer needs to break content into pieces thereby providing ElevenLabs more context which improves our already best in class TTS output. And since we support several different audio formats it was easy for them to onboard and integrate with other providers like Twilio.

Moving forward, we’re excited for continued partnership with Vocode to innovate in conversational AI.

Kian Hoosmand, Founder at Vocode, said this about the partnership:

“I think ElevenLabs has one of the strongest engineering teams, the product is amazing, and the pace of improvement has been really great. It’s a pivotal part of our product and I’m very happy.”

About Vocode

Vocode is a groundbreaking company that is revolutionizing the way businesses handle phone calls. With their hyper-realistic AI, Vocode enables companies to automate inbound and outbound phone calls, offering customers the ability to embed an AI call center directly within their own organization.

Since its inception in January 2023, Vocode chose ElevenLabs as they believed that having human-like voices could give them a competitive edge over other companies in the market. And they were absolutely right! Their innovative approach has attracted significant investments from some of the leading tech funds in the industry in their first year of existence.

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