Top 5 AI-powered marketing tools revolutionizing campaigns in 2024

Our insights into AI-powered marketing tools to take your campaigns to the next level

It's no secret that AI technology is revolutionizing the digital space, and marketing is no exception. Depending on your individual business goals, AI-powered marketing tools can take your campaigns to the next level and are a surefire way to conserve time, energy, and resources while focusing on what matters most - growing your business.

  • AI tools are everywhere, and digital marketing campaigns are no exception.
  • Whether you're looking to automate workflows, create content, enhance your social media strategy, boost search engine rankings, or reach digital marketing milestones, the right AI marketing tools can go a long way.
  • To help you out, we've compiled a list of the best AI marketing tools in the industry to help you reach your campaign goals.

What are AI marketing tools?

From AI-powered social media marketing tools to content creation platforms to automation software, AI marketing tools have taken over the digital marketing industry (and for good reason). 

Advanced AI tools that were once only accessible to researchers and CEOs are now available to the general public, including marketing specialists, content creators, and search engine optimization gurus looking to enhance their marketing campaigns.

In short, an AI marketing tool is a software, platform, or integration that completes a specific function (or functions) through artificial intelligence and, often, machine learning. Examples of AI marketing tools include AI writing tools, social media management tools, email marketing tools, analytics tools, and even AI dubbing.

Likewise, some multifunctional AI marketing tools like Zapier work on automating several repetitive tasks at once, making them ideal options for busy marketing specialists.

Before exploring individual tools, let's examine the primary benefits of integrating AI tools into marketing strategies.

The benefits of integrating AI tools into your marketing strategy

Whether you're looking to improve your written content, power up your social media posts, or automate repetitive tasks, all of these can be achieved by integrating AI marketing tools into your marketing strategy.

Streamline your workflow

By integrating AI tools into your marketing strategy, you can save time and streamline your workflow. Processes and tasks that once required extensive planning and hours of work can now be achieved through various AI marketing tools specifically designed to automate and enhance marketing efforts.

Save money and resources

Human oversight may be necessary to get the most out of AI marketing tools. However, implementing intelligent solutions into your daily marketing tasks and important campaigns can help business owners and team leads hire only the most valuable and dedicated professionals.

Gone are the days when extensive marketing teams were required to run a company's digital marketing operations. Instead, many full-time vacancies can be swapped in for advanced AI tools. Although premium subscription packages are not usually free, they are more affordable than full-time salaries.

Automate repetitive tasks

From email marketing campaigns to social media management, comprehensive and multifunctional AI-powered tools help marketers automate repetitive tasks and focus on what matters - boosting their marketing efforts, increasing exposure and engagement, and generating revenue.

Although many repetitive tasks are not complicated by nature, they can exhaust your marketing team employees, leaving little time for brainstorming sessions, valuable content creation, and innovation. By taking repetitive tasks off their shoulders, you can fully experience your team's potential.

Gather insights and analyze data

Alongside essential functionalities, AI tools often provide key analytics and valuable insights that help marketers track campaign performance and refine their marketing strategies in real-time. Knowledge is power, and marketing campaign performance enhancement is no exception to this timeless quote. 

By implementing innovative and reliable AI tools into your marketing activities, you can track each campaign's or strategy's performance and make tweaks wherever necessary.

Reach Multi-National Audiences

Finally, AI marketing tools can help you reach multiple international audiences, with the power of AI language translation and text-to-speech technology. Imagine an advertising campaign that reaches your audience in the USA, India, and Mexico all in the local languages, using the same budget. AI marketing tools are a fantastic way of rapidly scaling your reach and improving your ROI.

Best AI marketing tools all marketing specialists should be acquainted with

The AI revolution is here, but it's also brought an overwhelming number of marketing tools with it. A simple Google search for the best AI marketing tools leaves marketers scratching their heads. Moreover, extensive listicles detailing dozens of AI software certainly don't help in the decision-making process.

Due to the abundance of AI tools on the web and the decision fatigue that comes with choosing the appropriate tools for your business, we've compiled a list of the most helpful AI marketing tools for all businesses, products, and services.

Without further ado, let's explore the top five AI marketing tools available to marketers in 2024.


Regarding AI writing assistants, you may have expected us to give an honorable mention to ChatGPT. Although Open AI's chatbot has revolutionized how we write and interact online, other tools integrate AI models like ChatGPT, Claude, and Gemini into their algorithms to offer specific writing assistance, and Jasper is one of them.

Previously known as Jarvis, is an industry leader in copywriting. Based on natural language processing, Jasper allows content writers to streamline their workflows through blog outline generation, website copy drafts, email campaign content creation, eCommerce product descriptions, social media post ideas, and more. 

Whether you're looking to create content for social media posts or plan a long-read blog post to generate website traffic, Jasper will help you reach your copywriting goals twice as fast. With over fifty templates for content creation, SEO text evaluations, and technical support for business owners, this advanced AI writing assistant has it all.

Cost: $49/month.


Next on the list is Zapier, an effective AI-based automation tool designed to automate repetitive tasks. Zapier is an excellent choice for busy marketing teams looking to spend more time on idea generation, campaign management, and content creation. 

Zapier allows users to automate marketing tasks by connecting different apps and services without a single line of code. This innovative tool allows users to generate automated workflows connecting two or more apps (also referred to as "Zaps"). 

The user-friendly AI tool integrates over 3000 popular apps, allowing marketers to boost productivity across various platforms and scenarios, including data entry, file management, and email notifications. Likewise, Zapier offers customization options for its "Zaps," enabling marketers to personalize automation based on business goals.

Cost: $29/month.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a content optimization tool for copywriters, marketers, and SEO (search engine optimization) specialists. 

It helps copywriters stay ahead of the competition by ensuring each copy is optimized for SEO. Surfer SEO is a one-stop destination for content generation and optimization, from keyword suggestions to content scores to structure and heading suggestions.

With Surfer SEO, copywriters can move on from costly and complicated keyword research tools and extensive competitor research and generate written content, while Surfer provides valuable insights in real time. 

So, what exactly does Surfer SEO have to offer? 

Firstly, Surfer provides a content score as you write, assessing the overall score based on keyword density, readability, word count, headings, and images (or lack thereof). Likewise, Surfer also enables writers to compare their copies to industry averages and top-ranking pages, allowing them to keep competitor analysis and search engines at the forefront of the writing process.

Cost: $89/month.


With vertical videos taking over major social media platforms, video narration is more crucial than ever. However, narrating several tutorials, explainer videos, and product launch announcements can become tiring, and hiring professional voice actors for each project can lead to a build-up of unforeseen expenses.

Thankfully, artificial intelligence and machine learning have also contributed to advancing text to speech and voice generation platforms, with ElevenLabs being one of the industry leaders in the market.

Whether you're looking to provide narration for a short vertical video, incorporate a natural-sounding voiceover into an explainer or tutorial YouTube video, narrate an ebook or e-guide, or announce the launch of a new product, ElevenLabs will cover all of your voice cloning and text to speech requirements.

What can you achieve with ElevenLabs? 

  1. Generate natural text to speech audio for any written content.
  2. Choose from a wide range of human voices to narrate a video, tutorial, or even ebook.
  3. Clone your own voice to use for company announcements and other projects.

Cost: $1/month for the first month, $5 afterward.


If you're looking for the best influencer marketing tools, Influencity is your best bet. Although slightly pricier than other influencer marketing tools, Influencity provides marketers and social media managers with everything they need to find the best influencers for their brands, generate campaigns, and reach their target audience. 

Trusted by industry leaders like Samsung, Influencity enables brands to discover and contact influencers, collaborate with them, and track campaign performance through detailed analytics. Perfect for marketing agencies working with different brands, Influencity is your best bet.

Discover ideal influencers for your niche, organize and manage marketing campaigns, and optimize top-performing campaigns based on valuable insights and detailed analytics - all through one user-friendly interface. Needless to say, your social media managers will thank you.

Cost: $198/month

Final thoughts

That's a wrap!

To choose the best AI marketing tools for your individual business goals, company budget, and employees, consider all features before making an annual commitment. Likewise, don't hesitate to delve deeper into the sphere of AI marketing tools and select tools that will fill a gap in your current campaign strategy. 


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