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TIME and ElevenLabs partner to accelerate the creation of audio accessible content.

Audio Future

TIME continues to demonstrate leadership and commitment to innovation in the publishing industry. TIME has a longstanding reputation for journalistic excellence, which they have leveraged alongside the adoption of emerging technology that enriches the reader experience. As others have rushed to paywall content, TIME abolished theirs in 2023 as they believe everyone should have the right to access trusted information. Now they’ve added automated voiceovers to TIME.com. 

TIME’s implementation of Audio Native

This week, TIME announced the integration of automated voiceovers on TIME.com, in collaboration with ElevenLabs. TIME’s CTO, Burhan Hamid, first connected with ElevenLabs in March 2023 while experimenting with text-to-speech technology. This collaboration led to TIME adopting Audio Native, an embeddable audio player from ElevenLabs that creates automated voiceovers for news articles and blogs. 

Today, Audio Native is live on select articles on TIME.com. You can listen to this article voiced by Brian from the ElevenLabs Voice Library. Through this partnership, we hope to expand on TIME’s mission of providing access to trusted information by opening a new avenue for engagement with audio.

Burhan had this to say: "A big thank you to Mati Staniszewski and the incredible team at ElevenLabs for their partnership and collaboration on this project. Their cutting-edge technology is helping us make TIME’s content even more engaging and accessible. Stay tuned for more updates!"

About TIME

TIME is the 101-year-old global media brand that reaches a combined audience of over 120 million around the world through its iconic magazine and digital platforms. With unparalleled access to the world's most influential people, the trust of consumers and partners globally, and an unrivaled power to convene, TIME's mission is to tell the essential stories of the people and ideas that shape and improve the world. Today, TIME also includes the Emmy Award®-winning film and television division TIME Studios; a significantly expanded live events business built on the powerful TIME100 and Person of the Year franchises and custom experiences; TIME for Kids, which provides trusted news with a focus on news literacy for kids and valuable resources for teachers and families; the award-winning branded content studio Red Border Studios; the website-building platform TIME Sites; the sustainability and climate action division TIME CO2; the e-commerce and content platform TIME Stamped, and more.

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