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March 27th, 2024 / GlobalElevenLabs, leaders in audio AI, are announcing a collaboration with rabbit, creators of the r1 AI companion, designed to set a new standard for user-device communication. By integrating ElevenLabs' voice technology, r1 users can now effortlessly execute advanced commands through voice alone, by simply speaking to their device. 

"We’re working with rabbit to bring the future of human-AI interaction closer," says Mati Staniszewski, CEO of ElevenLabs. "Our collaboration is about making the r1 a truly dynamic co-pilot."

ElevenLabs offers a number of proprietary audio AI models optimized for specific purposes, such as long-form and multilingual speech generation, AI dubbing, or latency-sensitive tasks. The company delivers lifelike, realistic, and emotionally rich AI voices and sound effects for various applications across 29 languages: from conversational AI and gaming to publishing, movie dubbing, as well as medical and accessibility uses.

“We wanted to make the user experience with r1 smooth and intuitive, so we built it as a standalone device that uses natural language input to help you get things done,” said Jesse Lyu, Founder and CEO of rabbit. “With r1, you can simply push a button and talk to it just like you were talking to your own personal assistant. ElevenLabs’ ultra high-quality, low-latency voice models help to make that interaction feel very natural.”

r1, known for its sleek design and powerful, action-oriented AI, will use ElevenLabs' voice AI to interact with its users. Through rabbit OS, r1 users enjoy a seamless blend of cross-app command and execution. At its core, the Large Action Model (LAM) understands multi-level commands and can get complex tasks done: from hailing rides and ordering food, to generating images in Midjourney and suggesting recipes based on what the device’s rabbit eye camera sees in your refrigerator.

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