Introducing the ElevenLabs Reader App

Listen to any text on the go with the highest quality voices

This morning I was walking to catch a bus, face glued to my screen reading the news. I didn’t realize I was set on a collision course with another commuter until we were just inches away from each other. 

As he entered my peripheral vision, I looked up. We were at a standstill. We then engaged in the awkward side to side shuffle I'm sure you know too well. Finally I made it past but carried the shame of it all for the rest of my commute. 

I’m not the only one to encounter this issue. On my commute I came across others bumping into stop signs, stepping into puddles, or missing their bus stop. 

Podcasts & audiobooks are great, but the majority of content we consume today is only available as text. And sometimes you just need to finish reading a memo before you get to the office.  

Introducing the ElevenLabs Reader App

The ElevenLabs Reader App lets you listen to any text content, with ElevenLabs voices, on the go. This expands your library of audio content to any article, PDF, ePub, newsletter, or any other text on your phone. And with our expansive, ever growing voice library, you can find a voice to suit any content, mood, or occasion. 

Hear from our beta testers

“Overall, it's been perfect. Enunciations, tone, accents, fluidity have been amazing.”

“I've had the pleasure of using your mobile reader service in the last few weeks– and it has been fantastic. It's been perfect for reviewing documents and drafts, catching up on items, and the incorporation of the different voices recently has made it an amazing experience.”

“Thank you for letting me test the reader! I already love it very much and am thrilled. Works perfectly. Perfect usability as always with Elevenlabs.

I'm particularly looking forward to the different languages. I would like to use the reader in education in the future.”

“All the new voices are neat. You guys are amazing! Brian has been the best.”

“The seamless maintenance of tone and voice across extensive articles is a testament to the app's sophistication, distinguishing it from its counterparts in the market. It's absolutely outstanding to be able to have a voice that keeps its consistency and tone even through very long text.”

“I am absolutely fascinated by your Beta application, which promises to radically transform our daily lives. The exceptional voice quality it provides is particularly crucial for me, given my visual impairment.”

“Let me just say that this potentially is a game changer for those of us who cannot read print material. I'm totally blind and use elevenlabs reader on Ios. I love the fact that the buttons are labeled. I can't sing the praises of the voices enough having tried it so far.”

Ready to experience it yourself? Download it on iOS here. Join our Android beta test here. It’s free to download and free to use for the first 3 months.  

Why launch a reader app?

It’s our mission to make content accessible in any language and voice, and everything we do is oriented around achieving that mission.

Creating best in class AI audio models is not enough. Creators need tools through which they can create. And consumers need interfaces through which they can consume audio. Some of these interfaces we build ourselves. Others are built by teams we’ve enabled with our API. 

What’s coming next? 

Our reader app roadmap will depend in large part on your feedback. Here are some things that have already been requested:

  • Offline Support & Sharing: download content for offline listening. Share audio snippets with friends.
  • More languages: today the app is only available in English. Soon we’ll make it available in all 29 (and counting) languages supported by our Multilingual model. 
  • More ways to add content: RSS feeds, AI summarization, and more. 

Download today

The app is available today for iOS users in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. Once we add multilingual support, we’ll launch globally. 

Download it on iOS here.

Join the Android waitlist here.


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