ElevenLabs and Loccus Launch Collaboration on Deepfake Detection Systems

Ensuring protection against potential misuse of audio AI

  • ElevenLabs partners with Loccus, to develop ethical standards and solutions in AI and voice deepfake detection systems
  • The collaboration is dedicated to providing tools to users and companies, enabling the detection of synthetic speech, ensuring protection against potential AI misuse
  • The collaboration seeks to involve other AI labs, industry experts, academic communities, and key individual contributors, to enhance the depth and impact of the project

ElevenLabs, the global leader in voice AI technology, and Loccus, a developer of voice authentication security systems, are today announcing a collaboration aiming to enhance safety standards in audio AI. This initiative represents a mutual endeavour to anchor ethical considerations at the core of AI technology developments; addressing important concerns related to the misuse of AI and synthetic speech.

The collaboration is poised to tackle the risks associated with AI misuse, such as misinformation, fraud, and manipulation, by equipping users and companies with robust tools to detect synthetic speech.

ElevenLabs and Loccus are committed to integrating diverse perspectives and insights by welcoming contributions from industry experts, academic communities, and key actors in the AI domain. This approach aims to maximize the impact of the companies’ collective efforts, fostering an environment where knowledge and innovation intersect to shape ethical AI practices and policies.

By establishing open lines of collaboration, we aspire to create a framework that empowers all stakeholders in the AI ecosystem to participate actively in setting and upholding ethical standards. This collaboration is not merely a response to the immediate challenges posed by AI advancements but is a proactive step towards constructing a responsible and secure technological landscape.

The alliance with Loccus aligns perfectly with our mission at ElevenLabs to foster ethical AI practices. By amalgamating our expertise in voice AI and security, we are not only addressing the immediate challenges but paving the way for a responsible AI-driven ecosystem, says Mati Staniszewski, CEO at ElevenLabs.

The joint efforts of ElevenLabs and Loccus symbolize a shared vision for an AI future characterized by ethical integrity and security.

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