Best Text to Speech Software 2023

Here's our pick of the top text to speech software this year

Understanding Text to Speech

Text to speech technology converts written content into audible speech. Modern advancements in AI have enhanced this technology, making the generated speech sound almost human-like. The progression from robotic voices to more natural and expressive tones has been significant, revolutionizing how we interact with computers.

The Potential of AI Voices

The increasingly naturalistic AI voices have enhanced human-computer interaction, making it easier and more intuitive. They also carry significant benefits for accessibility. For individuals with visual impairments or reading difficulties, text to speech technology allows information to be consumed audibly, improving their digital experience.

Multilingual Text to Speech: A Gateway to Accessibility

Multilingual text to speech provides an additional level of accessibility. By translating and converting written text into a range of languages, users across the globe can understand and interact with content in their native language, enhancing their experience and understanding.

Applications of Speech AI

Applications of speech AI extend far beyond computer interaction. It boosts efficiency by automating voice responses in call centers, provides dynamic dialogue in video games, assists in language learning, enables voice assistants, and even automates public announcement systems.

Introducing ElevenLabs: Pioneering Voice Cloning and Voice Design

At ElevenLabs, we're pushing the boundaries of text to speech technology. We're reshaping voice interaction with our innovative Voice Cloning and Voice Design technology.

Our Voice Cloning tool lets you generate a synthetic voice that matches your own or any other voice from just a short audio sample. Meanwhile, our Voice Design tool gives you the freedom to create lifelike voices from scratch, adjusting parameters such as age, gender, and accent.

The Best Text to Speech Software of 2023

Here's our pick of the top text to speech software this year, taking into account the lifelikeness of their speech output, multilingual capabilities, and user-friendly interfaces:

With our lifelike text to speech conversion, wide array of voice design options, and innovative voice cloning technology, we take the top spot. Our tool allows for unprecedented customization, making us the go-to solution for personal and professional use.

Known for its extensive file support and multilingual capabilities, NaturalReader is a strong choice. However, being cloud-based may not suit everyone's needs.

Specializing in super-realistic voices, Murf is a noteworthy competitor with its range of AI tools, including Voice Changer and Time Syncing.

Amazon Polly
Geared towards developers, Amazon Polly employs advanced deep learning techniques to convert text into lifelike speech. stands out with its vast library of AI-generated voices, catering to a wide array of user needs despite some inconsistencies in non-English voices.

Voice Dream Reader
An excellent text to speech app for macOS and iOS, Voice Dream Reader boasts a large number of built-in voices and works seamlessly with various cloud platforms.


The future of text to speech is here, and it's increasingly lifelike and accessible. At ElevenLabs, we're proud to contribute to this evolution with our advanced voice cloning and design technology, making us the top choice for text to speech software in 2022.

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How easy is it to use ElevenLabs' tools for animation voiceovers?

Text to speech is a technology that converts written text into audible speech.

How does text to speech improve accessibility?

It allows people with visual impairments or reading difficulties to consume information audibly.

How does multilingual text to speech work?

It translates and converts written text into speech in various languages.

What are the applications of speech AI?

It's used to enhance computer interaction, improve efficiency in call automation, provide dynamic dialogue in video games, and much more.

What are the unique offerings of ElevenLabs in text to speech technology?

ElevenLabs offers Voice Cloning to replicate any voice and Voice Design to create custom voices by adjusting parameters such as age, gender, and accent.

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