Before adding Audio Native to Wix, you’ll need to create & customize your player, whitelist your blog’s domain, and copy your embed code. If you need help completing those steps, refer to our Audio Native overview.

Now that you’ve created & customized your Audio Native player, navigate to your Wix blog, sign in, and open the blog post you wish to narrate in the editor. Next, copy the contents of your article.

Head to ElevenLabs Projects, create a new project, choose a voice, and paste the contents of your Wix article.

Hit “Convert” and we’ll generate a full voiceover for your article read in the voice you chose. Head to back to ElevenLabs Projects, find your project, click “Share”, enable sharing, and copy your embed code.

Head back to Wix click the “+” symbol at the top of your content and select “HTML Code” from the menu.

Paste your Audio Native Embed code into the HTML box, as shown below, and press save.

Now, navigate to the live version of the blog post you just updated. The embedded audio player will appear and you can click play to hear the AI-generated voiceover.

Follow these steps for any Wix blog posts that you wish to turn into audio articles.