Before adding Audio Native to Webflow, you’ll need to create & customize your player, whitelist your blog’s domain, and copy your embed code. If you need help completing those steps, refer to our Audio Native overview.

Now that you’ve created & customized your Audio Native player, navigate to your Webflow blog, sign in, and navigate the editor.

Click the plus icon in the top left and search for the code embed.

Paste your Audio Native Embed code into the HTML box, as shown below, and press Save & Close.

In the Navigator, reposition the code embed near the top of your blog post (or wherever you want it to show up on your page).

Publish your changes and navigate to the live version of the blog post you just updated. You should see a message to let you know that the Audio Native project is being created. This means the text in your blog post is being converted to an audio article.

After a few minutes, the embedded audio player will appear and you can click play to hear the AI-generated audio blog.

You may only need to do this once if you have one page design for all of your blog content. Repeat these steps for any other page templates where you want to add narration.