Substack doesn’t currently allow custom code embeds which means it’s not possible to add Audio Native. Fortunately you can still use ElevenLabs to generate automated voiceovers with Projects.

To start, copy the contents of your post.

Head to ElevenLabs Projects, create a new project, choose a voice, and paste the contents of your Substack article.

Hit “Convert” and we’ll generate a full voiceover for your article read in the voice you chose.

Now that you’ve generated your audio, it will be available for Download in the top right corner of your dashboard. Download it now.

Head back to Substack, click the Audio icon -> Voiceover, and upload the audio you downloaded from our site.

All that’s left is to publish your changes and your voiceover will appear just above the body content on your post.

Repeat this process for your existing and new posts and watch your engagement grow.