How to share a voice model in the Voice Library:

1. Share Button: To get started with sharing a voice model, find the voice model you want to share in your VoiceLab and click the share icon in the upper right hand corner:

2. Sharing Toggle: Next, activate sharing by enabling the ‘Sharing’ toggle. Note that this doesn’t make your voice model automatically discoverable in the Voice Library.

3. Sharing Link/Email Whitelist: Once the ‘Sharing’ toggle is enabled, you have a few ways to share your Voice Model:

  • Sharing Link: share this link with your audience, your friends, or anyone else that you want to be able to make a copy of your voice model in their VoiceLab.
  • Email Whitelist: you can specify specific emails to restrict who can make copies of your voice model in their Voice Lab using your Sharing Link. If you leave the whitelist blank, all emails will be enabled by default.
  • Discovery in Voice Library: this makes your voice model discoverable in the Voice Library and takes you to the sharing dialog detailed in Step 4 below.

4. Library Sharing Options: if you enable ‘Discovery in Voice Library’, you’ll be brought to a dialog screen where you can configure a few options for sharing your voice model in the Voice Library:

Please see the Voice Library Addendum to our Terms of Service for full descriptions of these options.

  • Please note that these options only appear for Professional Voice Clones – you won’t see them when sharing a synthetic voice created using our Voice Design tool. Synthetic voices have limited sharing options and only earn character rewards.

5. Naming Guidelines: Please ensure the name you give your voice model adheres to the guidelines shown in the sharing dialog:

  • The naming pattern should be a one-word name followed by a 2-4 word description, separated by a hyphen (-).

  • Your name should NOT include the following:

    • Names of public individuals or entities (company names, band names, influencers or famous people, etc).
    • Social handles (Twitter, Instagram, you name it, etc).
    • Emojis and any other non-letter characters.
    • Explicit or harmful words.
    • The word “voice”.
  • Some examples of names following our guidelines:

    • Anna - calm and kind
    • Robert - friendly grandpa
    • Steve - wise teacher
    • Harmony - soothing serenader
    • Jasper - jovial storyteller
    • Maya - confident narrator

6. Scroll and accept terms: Before sharing your voice model in the Voice Library, you’ll be asked to scroll and accept the Voice Library Addendum to our Terms of Service and provide additional consents and confirmations. Please do this carefully and ensure you fully understand our service before sharing. If you have any questions at this stage, you can reach out to us at

Before you share your voice to the Voice Library, we have a few guidelines that need to be followed. These guidelines are in place to ensure better discoverability and to maintain a clean and organized appearance for everyone using the platform. Please take the time to read through the guidelines below. They will help you understand how you should name, categorize, and tag your voice to enhance the overall experience for users.


Once you’ve created, named, and shared your voice, it will be set for pending review. This means that someone from the ElevenLabs team will go through your voice to ensure that it adheres to the guidelines outlined above. If there are significant issues, your request to share the voice model will be declined. If only small changes are required, the team might make these adjustments for you and approve the voice model for sharing.

As part of the review process, our team may add labels to your voice model to make it discoverable using the filters for the Voice Library:

  • Gender
  • Accent (English accents only for now, others coming later)
  • Language (the language of the source audio used to create your PVC, if applicable)
  • Age
  • Use case
  • Descriptive

Consistently uploading voices that do not adhere to the guidelines or are highly explicit in nature might result in being barred from uploading and sharing voices altogether. Therefore, please adhere to the guidelines.

Currently, we do not have an estimate of how long the review process will take, as it is highly dependent on the length of the queue.