The Voice Library (VL) is a marketplace where our community can share voices and earn rewards when they’re used. At the moment, only Professional Voice Clones (PVCs) and synthetic voices created using our Voice Design tool can be shared in the library. Instant Voice Clones (IVCs) cannot be shared for safety reasons.

Using voices from the Voice Library

To use a voice from the Voice Library, you first need to add it to your VoiceLab:

  • Click ‘Sample’ to hear a sample of the voice.

  • Click ‘Add to VoiceLab’ on the voice you’re interested in using.

  • Give the voice a name (or keep the default name).

  • Done! The voice is now added to your VoiceLab and can be used across all our products.

Understanding Voice Cards

In addition to basic information like names, descriptions, and tags, voice cards have icons that tell you important information about a voice:


Some icons tell you about the type of voice:


Professional Voice Clones made using audio that follows our Professional Recording Guidelines and which pass a quality control check on input texts of various lengths.

Sharing Options

Other icons tell you about options the voice owner set when sharing the voice. Please see the Sharing page for more details.

Notice Period

The lock icon on a voice card indicates that the voice has a Notice Period set. The Notice Period lets you now how long you’ll continue to have access to the voice if the voice owner decides to remove it from the Voice Library.

Character Multiplier

You may see a blue character multiplier badge on some voices explaining that the voice ‘costs’ more in characters than a standard voice. This is normal and can happen when a voice owner sets a custom rate that is very high. Please pay close attention, as character multipliers mean your account will be deducted >1x the number of characters you generate with a voice that has a character multiplier.

Live Moderation

Voices with ‘Live Moderation’ enabled have a pink ‘M’ badge in the top row of the voice card.

To help you find the perfect voice for you, the Voice Library is searchable and filterable by:

  • Category
    • Voice Design
    • Professional
    • High-Quality
  • Language
    • The Language of PVCs shared in the library is set during the voice creation process based on the audio samples uploaded by the voice owner
    • While all voices are compatible with our multilingual models and can therefore be used with all 29 languages we support, voices marked as a certain language should perform well for content in that language
  • Other metadata set by voice owners when sharing voices in the Voice Library
    • Accent (note that you must first select a language as accents are language-specific)
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Use case

You can also sort the list of results based on your interest by clicking the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner of the Voice Library:

  • Trending: voices are ranked by our trending algorithm
  • Latest: newest voices shown first
  • Most Users
  • Most Characters Generated

Weekly Top Picks

Each week, the ElevenLabs Voices team selects handful of voices exciting voices to be featured at the top of the Voice Library – check back in every week to see new featured voices!