Voice Categories

There are 3 primary categories of voices on the ElevenLabs platform:

  • Premade voices available to all users on the Speech page and via the API
    • High-quality, free-to-use voices
    • Suitable for most use-cases
    • Trained on English voices. Can be used with other languages but might have an English accent or not the correct pronunciation
  • Generated voices made using our Voice Design tool
    • Custom voice creation with gender, age, and accent options
    • Includes a row for different English accents to choose from
    • May require multiple attempts to find the desired voice
    • Can be shared in the Voice Library where you can earn back characters from your used quota when users use your shared voice
  • Cloned voices made using our Instant Voice Cloning (IVC) or Professional Voice Cloning (PVC) products, including new ones you create and those added from the Voice Library