What are Voice Generators in 2024?

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In this article, we explore the fascinating world of voice AI technology. We'll highlight popular trends, guide you through creating AI-generated voices, and, importantly, address the legal and ethical aspects of creating AI voices

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Top AI Voice Generators

So, what is the best technology for voice generation? And how can you use a celebrity AI voice generator to create your own pieces of work?


Of course, the number one voice generator available online is ElevenLabs.

A pioneering research lab utilizing AI technology for creating lifelike audio content with its advanced text-to-speech engine and voice cloning capabilities, ElevenLabs sets the bar in artificial intelligence voice generation.

With exceptional audio quality, precise language translation, and features such as video translation, text-to-speech, and dubbing, ElevenLabs not only generates fantastically accurate AI voices but also sits at a price point that is affordable. With a completely free tier available for hobbyists and paid subscriptions for more serious content creators starting at just $5/month, ElevenLabs is the best voice generator app available online.

Lovo AI

At number two on our list, Lovo AI is an impressive player in the voice generation industry with a user-friendly platform.

Lovo also offers over 600 vocal variations and 100+ languages for text-to-speech features, enabling users to create somewhat realistic-sounding audio and video content quickly.

Musicfy AI

Musicfy AI's free voice generator tool brings premium quality replication to any project, all without charging a dime, making it a popular choice.


Finally, Uberduck is a great choice if you're looking for convincing animated character voices and impersonations.

Creating Your Own AI Voiceovers with ElevenLabs

Ready to make your own AI-generated realistic voices for voiceovers? With ElevenLabs, the process is simple. Follow these steps for more.

1. Selecting the Right Generator: ElevenLabs

First, select the best generator for your project.

ElevenLabs is known for its top-notch AI voice generator.With 29 languages available, you can have your AI-generated voices to tell a story in Chinese, Spanish, or even Ukrainian. As well as famous voices, ElevenLabs also gives you access to an extensive collection of readymade voices that you can share or explore online.

It's important to note that when using AI-generated voices, it's crucial to obtain explicit permission from the person or their legal representatives. Unauthorized use of someone's voice can lead to legal problems. Therefore, it's always recommended to use such technology responsibly and with respect for others' rights and privacy. It is against our terms of service to clone voices without consent.

Customizing Your AI Voice

Once you've created your account on ElevenLabs, it's time to begin creating your voiceover. First, navigate to the VoiceLab sections and upload your original voice recording. Then, you can make some tweaks to the voice file and make it your own.

When creating a voiceover, customizing your AI voice is very important. With adjustments to parameters like gender, age, and accent, you can craft an individualized vocal profile that will fit the character of your project.

Once you're ready to go, head into the Speech Synthesis section, where you can use your adjusted voice in text-to-speech technology, bringing a script or written piece to life!

Exporting and Using the Audio

When you’re done creating your AI voiceover, exporting the audio is the final necessary step and ElevenLabs makes it easy to transport your file to another program. Simply save and download your audio file in various formats (MP3, WAV, or AIFF), then upload the file to the other platform.

From there, you can incorporate this AI-generated sound into any video content, podcast, or web page.

The Technology Behind Voice Cloning

Voice cloning, enabled by advanced deep learning and ample voice data, has become a cutting-edge component in the world of speech technology, but how does it actually work?

Firstly, you'll need the recorded voice of a person in clear audio clips. Generated voices require the highest quality of sound in order for them to appear natural and realistic enough when they mimic famous personalities’ speech patterns and tones.

Then, you upload the persons voice into an AI generation tool. AI voice cloning software carefully analyzes voice sound and data using advanced technology, considering its nuances, pitch, and tone. Using advanced APIs and new technology features, the voice generator app then combines this information with advanced synthesis algorithms to generate an entirely unique audio file. This process goes beyond technicalities; it results in the creation of a synthetic voice that can closely imitate the original with impressive precision.


Voice cloning, AI voices, and AI voice generators are undeniably driving the future of audio content.

As with all content creation, it's imperative that you take a responsible approach to using an AI voice generator that respects legal boundaries, seeks appropriate permissions, and values ethical considerations. Using a reliable tool like ElevenLabs is the first step in a responsible content format.

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